Taylor Swift to Receive Major Honor at Nashville Songwriter Awards

by Jonathan Howard

The Nashville Songwriter Awards is planning on honoring Taylor Swift. As a country music star turned pop icon, it’s well deserved. Swift is going to be the recipient of the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade award. The Nashville Songwriters Association International broke the news on Monday and it comes as no surprise for folks that know how prolific Taylor is on the pen and paper.

When it comes to writing songs, few artists are able to write or co-write all of their material. Especially in country music. Traditions of songwriters making songs for artists or other artists passing on songs just for another one to take up the mantle. However, Taylor Swift is different. She remains a writer or co-writer on all of her tracks.

Taylor Swift Songwriter-Artist of the Decade

As an artist is able to break the mold and become a cross-genre sensation that’s a big deal. There are not many that can claim to have made the jump and done it successfully. Even though she is more known as a pop artist to some, Keith Urban doesn’t care. He knows she has the bonafides and doesn’t have to prove anything, except with her music.

“A good songwriter can have you see the flowers in a song,” the Aussie artist said. “A great songwriter can have you see and feel them. But, a truly gifted songwriter’s songwriter will have you see, feel and smell those roses in the window. That’s Taylor. When she sings ‘memorized the creaks in the flood,’ I’m there in a house with so many immediate details of my own – I’m hooked. In a time where a song can have a dozen writers, the above-mentioned song Cornelia Street (one of my all-time fave Tay songs) is one of many with just one. Taylor Swift. She’s the real … deal!!!!”

This is going to be a major night with a lot of big stars in attendance. Taylor Swift isn’t the only one that’s being honored.

Other NSAI Honorees

Among the folks that will be receiving an award on September 20th are Taylor Swift – as well as Ashley Gorley and Garth Brooks. It’s something that will be a big party celebrating some of the best that country music has to offer. There will be plenty of performers at the Ryman Auditorium awards show, too.

Gorley is the man behind your favorite songs of the last 10 years. He’s the mastermind behind more than 60 No. 1 songs and he shows no signs of slowing down at 45 years old. The songwriter is going to receive the Songwriter of the Decade award. Really, he’s the only one who could rightfully take this award home. It’s been quite a run for the Danville, KY native.

Meanwhile, Brooks is going to be the recipient of the Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement Award. I mean, do I have to explain that one?

So, Taylor Swift will highlight a night of big awards and a lot of great artists performing on stage.