Team Blake Shelton Members Perform Brooks & Dunn Cover in Epic Battle on ‘The Voice’: WATCH

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

Things got a little tense on last night’s episode of The Voice. All of the coaches are downsizing their teams as the season builds to the big night. Last night was the fifth night of battle rounds and Team Blake Shelton had their work cut out for them.

Everyone gets a little nervous going into a battle round. They know their performance can make the difference between going home and being one step closer to winning their season of The Voice. However, not many people in the show’s history have been in the position that Bryce Leatherwood found himself in last night.

The 22-year-old baritone vocalist was going up against The Dryes in his battle round. The husband-and-wife duo has been honing their skills in Nashville for more than a decade. So, not only did Leatherwood have two singers to compete with, he had to compete with two veteran vocalists with loads of chemistry and experience.

If he was nervous about the competition, you couldn’t tell from his performance. Watch Bryce Leatherwood and The Dryes go head-to-head on “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn on last night’s episode of The Voice below.

Everyone on the stage gave incredible performances. It would be hard for anyone to compete with Leatherwood’s voice, but The Dryes held their own. However, the veteran duo fumbled the opening verse of the song. Katelyn Drye started the song behind the beat and it took her a few bars to catch up. Leatherwood, on the other hand, nailed his part.

The high point of the performance, though, came when all three singers came together to sing in harmony. They proved that teamwork really does make the dream work.

The Voice Judges React to the Battle Round

After that performance, the judges had plenty to say. Camila Cabello kicked off the commentary by praising The Dryes. “Your harmonies were tight. You guys hit every note,” she told the duo. Cabello added, “Mr. Leatherwood shined for me. I felt more at ease hearing him and watching him. There was calm confidence. For whatever reason, I resonated with Bryce more.” She then said that The Dryes were also “really talented.”

Gwen Stefani stated that the performance “kept getting better and better” as it went on. “The Dryes, it’s fun to watch you. You can see the chemistry. Your voices blend very well together,” she told the duo. Stefani went on to say that Leatherwood’s delivery was very warm and the three of them sounded “beautiful” together.

John Legend was the only judge on The Voice who preferred The Dryes to Leatherwood. He said that Bryce’s performance seemed so effortless that it “didn’t have any punch.”

Blake Shelton was the final judge to give his opinion. He was the one who would determine who stayed on The Voice and who packed their bags. Shelton first addressed The Dryes, mentioning their rough start and telling them that he wished they could have a do-over. “Kudos to you guys for being veterans and powering on through it,” he said.

Then, Shelton turned to Leatherwood. “Bryce, you’re 22,” he began. “I don’t know how much experience you have onstage. Seems like you’ve got about forty years.” Then, he dropped some heavy praise on the young singer. “You’re one of those guys that’s like a George Strait. You deliver and it’s solid.”

Shelton declared Leatherwood the winner of the battle round. However, he hammered the red button and kept The Dryes as well. “Let’s have a do-over,” he told them.