Terrifying New Details Emerge on HARDY’s Bus Crash

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

HARDY’s videographer, Tanner Gallagher, shared new and terrifying details about the tour bus crash that sidelined the band earlier this month.

HARDY announced the crash via social media on Oct 2. At the time, he shared that everyone involved survived. However, the bus driver was in serious condition and needed prayers. He also noted that the band would have to sit out a few upcoming concert dates.

On Oct. 12, Gallagher took to his Instagram page to give more information about the accident. And he said that he and everyone else is lucky to be alive.

“It seems like this happened so fast but I feel the need to talk about it officially…” he wrote alongside a picture that shows him battered and bruised in a hospital bed.

All Four People Involved in HARDY Tour Bus Crash Were Knocked Unconscious

In the caption, Gallagher explained that the bus ran off the highway and flipped in a wooded area at about 2:30 am while driving around 70 mph.

HARDY and Gallagher were in the front of the bus at the time while their tour manager, Noah, was asleep in his bunk. Gallagher remembers the incident happening extremely fast, “within what felt like 3 seconds,” he explained. And the force violently threw all four of them across the bus and knocked them unconscious. Gallagher is now recovering from several serious injuries.

“By the grace of God, we all survived,” he wrote. “My injuries included a shattered foot, a punctured lung, 4 broken ribs, and a fractured vertebrae in my neck. And yes, it’s been f**ing terrible.”

HARDY Back to Work After Canceling Several Shows

The videographer is currently “wrapped up in casts” and will not be able to move much over the “next few weeks/months.” But he’s feeling grateful that his situation isn’t worse.

“I was told numerous times by doctors that it was a miracle that we survived… and that’ll make you think. I think about the times that I’ve spent worrying, stressed, upset, been less present or simply took for granted. And it kills me,” he continued.

“Most of all, I think about perspective, in that it’s so easy for us to lose sight of all of the things we have,” he continued. “Take it from me, be grateful for f**king EVERYTHING. Even if it means just being healthy or being able to wake up for another day to spend doing the things you love.”

Gallagher will be “laid up” for a while. And HARDY himself also had to stay at home for a few days after the crash, and ERNEST covered the tour dates he couldn’t make.