The Chicks Post New Message to Fans After Canceling Multiple Shows

by TK Sanders

Country music artists The Chicks posted a brief message to Instagram recently thanking fans and teasing their return to the stage. Most recently, the band postponed a few of their tour dates for unknown reasons after cutting an Indianapolis show short last week.

“Thanks for always having our backs. Toronto, we’ll see you Friday & Saturday! #CHX2022,” the band wrote on social media two days ago.

After the failed Indy show, The Chicks posted a cryptic message about failing to give fans the show they deserve (the band cut the show short after 30 minutes).

“Indianapolis, we are so sorry we could not give you the show you deserved OR the show we wanted to give you. We will be back Indianapolis!! Hold onto your tickets. Ticketholders will be contacted by the official point of purchase with further information. We love you Indianapolis,” the Instagram post read.

Fans of The Chicks excitedly wait for newly scheduled shows later in the year

Many fans at the show seem to think that lead singer Natalie Maines was suffering from illness or allergies. Maines made a reference to a steroid shot while addressing the crowd.

“I’m just waiting for this shot to kick in,” Maines told the crowd. “Not a shot of alcohol, I promise. A shot of steroids. I’m sorry, I just can’t pull it off.”

Apparently, a doctor then ordered her on strict vocal rest, which caused the band to have to cancel two other shows in Ohio and Michigan, as well.

One user wrote on Twitter after the cancellation, “Everyone’s gonna be mad about @thechicks. But as an allergy sufferer I swear this is legit and if Nat couldn’t give us her all, she wouldn’t waste our money. I love you girls don’t read into the hate!!!!”

Another user at the time wrote, “The chicks concert got cut in half because Natalie was about to blow her voice from allergies. Omfg I feel so bad for her, still a very fun first concert experience and getting to see them after all these years was still amazing regardless.”

The Chicks’ summer tour, called That Road Run, began on June 14 at Bonnaroo. Their new tour is the first time the gals have performed on the road together in the last five years.

“We’ve been touring the same music for a long time,” Maines recently said of the tour. “We try to freshen it up with different covers and surprises, but it’s going to be more entertaining for us to have a lot of new stuff — and hear the fans sing along. Most of our audience likes to sing every word.”