The Great Divide Release New Single ‘I Can Breathe Again’ Ahead of New Album

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Sierra Haney)

Back in August, The Great Divide announced their first album in 20 years. Providence hits shelves and streaming services next week. The album will be a testament to the band’s growth as musicians and as people. With just seven days remaining before we get to hear the whole project, the band is giving us one more sample of what’s to come. Listen to “I Can Breathe Again” below.

Mike McClure penned “I Can Breathe Again” for the new Great Divide record. It’s an incredibly sweet song about the impact that a loving partner can have on one’s life. In the opening verse, McClure confronts his past substance abuse issues and how he found his way out. He sings, “You’ve seen me at my worst. / And I was drowning in my thirst. / But you dove in right then, headfirst / And you pulled me up and you drew me in. / I can breathe again.”

Broadly, the new Great Divide album will be about making the best of the days we have left on this earth. “The overall arch of the record is dealing with time,” McClure says in a press release. “It asks how much time we have left in our lives and how we want to spend the remaining years. It’s about admitting the areas where work is needed and putting in the effort to do something about it.”

Providence Sees Members of the Great Divide Mending Fences

The Great Divide released Remain in 2002. It was the last TGD album to feature the original lineup. Shortly after it dropped, Mike McClure left to pursue a solo career and to work as a producer. Behind the scenes, alcoholism and other issues drove the band apart. They didn’t split on the best of terms. The band released one album without McClure before disbanding. Many thought it would be permanent.

About ten years later, the band came back together and started touring again. Now, about ten years later, they’re finally ready to deliver a record of new material. Everyone had time to heal, grow, and learn from their mistakes and they’re all bringing their best to the table.

The Great Divide’s drummer J.J. Lester spoke about the recording process in a release. “Back in the 90s, we would talk about how we miss good country music – not the line dance stuff that was coming out of Nashville. We decided we would try to save country music. When we started the process of recording this album, we would run through a song and we would all just look at each other. It felt like 1997. When I listen to these songs, they’re the story of the last 15 years.”

Some fans have been waiting two decades to hear that story. For them, Friday can’t come soon enough.