The Oak Ridge Boys Singer Joe Bonsall Missing Shows Due to ‘Health Issues’

by TK Sanders

Longtime Oak Ridge Boys performer Joe Bonsall took to social media to explain why he hasn’t been performing with the group lately. He also thanked fans for their prayers.

Bonsall, 74, joined the iconic band nearly 50 years ago as a young man and musician. On Twitter this weekend, he said he is having some health issues but wants to return to performing again soon.

“There has been some concern for me and yes I AM having some health issues, that’s why I was looking a bit weak at the shows last week,” Bonsall wrote. He added that he would not perform live with the Oaks during next weekend’s shows, either. Rudy Gatlin from the Gatlin Brothers will fill in for Bonsall for the shows. On tap for the ‘Boys next is a gig in Winchester, Tenn., on Friday night.

Bonsall also said that he is going to be ok and then he thanked fans for their prayers.

One fan later posted a picture of the Oak Ridge Boys with Bonsall at their latest show. The Twitter user said that “Gatlin was sounding pretty good tonight;” a sentiment which Bonsall, himself, retweeted, too.

Lots of fans took to twitter to show their love and support. A famous comedian even took the time to wish Bonsall well.

The Oak Ridge Boys official Twitter account also said that their “light” schedule would afford Bonsall plenty of time to recover.

William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys said he loves America despite its current problems

One of the reasons a group like this can survive nearly 50 years playing music together is because they truly the road. And loving the road means loving music, yes, but also loving the country, itself. It means loving the people and the communities — both large and small.

“I happen to love America,” Golden said in a March interview. “I’ve always loved America. I’m thankful for this country, and for all the people in it. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

He said he never tires of touring in this great country.

“We never get tired of traveling in America,” he added. “Most of the touring we’ve done in our career has been done in America — North America, in Canada, too.”

He said a big part of his success is the ability to block out the negative and focus on the good stuff in life.

“Early on in 2020, with the pandemic and everything else going on, we saw that there was so much negativity, hate, and violence in the news,” Golden said. “I had to shut that off and get out of the house and get under a tree out here [in the Tennessee countryside].”