‘The Voice’ Fans React to Blake Shelton Leaving the Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC via Getty Images)

Fans of The Voice are all getting the news, and it is not easy to handle. Blake Shelton is stepping away from the singing competition series. That’s right, after this season, the country music singer that has been the anchor of the series since its first season is calling it quits.

It wasn’t a bad run for Blake Shelton. He pretty much dominated the series as a coach, and he made a ton of friends and gained a lot of fame through the show. Oh, and met his wife Gwen Stefani, that too. However, there are a lot of emotions going on with the fanbase.

You never know how good you have it until it’s gone, right?

Fans Get Emotional Over Blake Shelton’s Exit

No more Blake Shelton means a lot of things for The Voice. The series is going to have to get a country music coach for the future. Without someone holding it down for the rural folks and honky-tonkers out there, the show just wouldn’t be the same!

You gotta have someone who knows who the hell Johnny Cash is, that’s for sure. Although I’m not sure this is fair to Kelly Clarkson.

Other fans have chosen to appreciate the memories and things that they have of Blake Shelton on The Voice. While some choose to be sad, this viewer is trying to remain optimistic. And again, he’s married to Gwen Stefani! He’s done everything he can do!

Seeing Blake leave is like saying goodbye to a friend as they move far away. You know you’ll see them again, but it will be in a different and new place. Not the same as it used to be.

When Blake does leave, it would be nice to see him get a say in who replaces him. This viewer wants the country singer to pick his heir apparent. While we don’t know anything about the future, Jimmie Allen was selected as Shelton’s Battle Advisor. That would be a pretty good personality to have on The Voice.

However, we won’t know anything about that for a long time.

So, where does The Voice go from here? Blake Shelton is so synonymous with the series that it is hard to imagine it without him. While there will be a full season of Blake this fall that fans can enjoy, change is on the horizon. The most important question right now is, will Shelton be able to win his ninth season?

Fans of The Voice are going to have to get ready to face the new reality of no Shelton in 2023. However, they will just take their time and enjoy him while he’s still spinning around in that chair.