‘They Called Us Outlaws’ Trailer Released: Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, and More Appear in First Look

by Clayton Edwards

Earlier this year, we learned that a new Outlaw Country documentary was on the way. Finally, we have a trailer. They Called Us Outlaws: Cosmic Cowboys, Honky Tonk Heroes, and the Rise of Renegade Troubadours takes a look back into country music’s outlaw era and its impact on modern country. The docu-series features artists who were part of the Outlaw movement as well as those who were influenced by it.

Before the trailer for They Called Us Outlaws dropped, we knew it would be awesome. Jessi Colter – the Outlaw Country singer who was also the wife of Waylon Jennings – produced the series. The Country Music Hall of Fame was also behind it. Those two things let everyone know that this six-part deep dive would have some weight behind it. Additionally, we knew that it would feature 75 live performances and 90 interviews with classic and current artists. After seeing the trailer, we know just how much weight the docu-series will carry.  

Looking at the They Called Us Outlaws Trailer

The They Called Us Outlaws trailer opens with Eric Church discussing his “love-hate relationship” with the outlaw label. “The connotation of that is that you’re outside the law. The real artists, the real songwriters, I don’t think they knew what the rules and laws were. They just did what they did,” he says.

Church isn’t the only current mainstream artist to be featured in They Called Us Outlaws. It also includes Margo Price, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, and plenty more. However, the 6 films that make up this series will also feature some artists who were there for the Outlaw Country movement.

Fortunately, the team behind the series started collecting interviews over a decade ago. As a result, they were able to tap legends like Guy Clark, Johnny Cash, and Billy Joe Shaver who have since passed on. Additionally, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, and Jessi Colter speak in the series.

The trailer doesn’t just show us who will be in the docu-series but also it gives us a taste of the insight that we’ll get from the series. For instance, Jessi Colter speaks about Outlaw Country in the trailer. “That was a time and a place. It’ll never happen again. They might as well coin another phrase,” she said.

Kris Kristofferson also speaks on what it was to be an “Outlaw” in the trailer. “I don’t think that would have been the brand name that we would have chosen, to be outlaws. I think that we went our own way and spoke our own words because we believed in them and believed that that’s what we were sent down on the planet to do.”

Currently, we don’t know how or when They Called Us Outlaws will be released. However, the trailer states that it will be out in 2023.