This Luke Combs Cover on ‘The Voice’ Had the Coaches Going Nuts: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden

New season, new excitement! The Voice kicked off its 22nd season with a contestant who completely wowed the coaches with an impressive cover of Luke Combs’ hit track Beer Never Broke My Heart. 

While performing on The Voice stage, 26-year-old contestant Orlando Mendez, also known as “Cuban Cowboy,” performed the song and attracted all four coaches to his voice. 

Following the performance, the coaches plead their cases about who The Voice contestant should pick. Blake Shelton quickly jumped on the opportunity. “Orlando, my name is Blake Shelton and I’m from Ada, Oklahoma,” he began. “I’m an eight-time Voice winner, a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and CMA Entertainer of the Year, but I am not from Miami.”

New The Voice judge, Camilla Cabello, began to banter with Shelton about his statement, but that didn’t stop the country music hitmaker from continuing to wow the contestant. “So, is country music your thing?” Shelton asked. Mendez replied, “Country music is my passion. I’ve been listening to your songs since I was a kid, but I come from Cuban roots.” 

Gwen Stefani, a returning coach and Shelton’s wife, replied “Aw cute” as her husband continued. “I’ve been doing this a long time on this show. Some may say too long, others may say I’m just getting started. I’m a country artist and that’s all I’ve ever cared about being. I personally like being put in a box, do you feel the same way about your direction, and do you want to be stubborn about it like I do? Then I’m the coach for you, buddy.” 

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Meanwhile, Cabello decided to speak up about why the contestant should join her team. She was notably the first coach to turn her chair during the performance.

“Orlando, I turn around first because something that I’ve really been looking for is somebody with a really special tone that I can hear on the radio,” The Voice coach explained. “You said, ‘You know what I’m Cuban and this is the kind of music that inspires.’ You know the kind of artist you want to be and I would just help you on that journey. I like things that make me feel and your voice made me feel today and I would love to be your coach.” 

Along with Cabello, Stefani chimed in by sharing details about her recent interest in country music. “I’m basically country now as well like I’ve gone country,” Stefani declared. Although she praised her husband, Stefani stated she would love to be the contestant’s coach. “It’s a lot of pressure, connecting with the camera and the nerves, I could really help you with that and I would love to be your coach.”

Finally, the fourth The Voice coach John Legend shared his thoughts. He noted that the contestant could make a predictable or unpredictable choice. “You could predictably pick that very crowded country box Blake is trying to cram you in. You could go with somebody because they’re from your hometown. Also, you could go with someone who is married to a country star and has Country No. 1 hits or you can do something that no one would expect and pick team Legend.”

In the end, Mendez picked Cabello as his coach.