Thomas Rhett Celebrates Daughter Lillie’s First Birthday

by Suzanne Halliburton

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, know how to celebrate a little girl’s birthday. After all, they have four of them in the family.

But this birthday also was a special one. It was the first birthday of Lillie Carolina, the couple’s fourth daughter who is officially the youngest in the family.

Thomas Rhett, the country music star who loves to brag on his adorable kids, wished Lillie a very public happy birthday. He posted a photo of Lillie, who was giggling and wearing a pair of oversized, purple and green sunglasses. And he captioned the snap:

 “Lillie bug.. how are you one already? It seems like yesterday. For real. I love you so much. Every time i look at you you are smiling! Don’t ever lose that! Happy birthday to you little baby.”

Thomas and Lauren both shared details of the actual, at-home party in separate Instagram posts. It included all four daughters, plus parents, partying in the hot tub. Presumably, Lauren stepped out of the tub to snap a quick photo of her husband with the girls.

She captioned the picture: “family hot tub party for Lillie’s birthday.”

Thomas Rhett Celebrated Lauren’s Birthday Last Week

We’re glad to see Thomas Rhett looking healthy and happy. He recently shared that he was down for the count with a nasty stomach bug. Lauren, who celebrated her birthday last week, cared for her husband day and night. He described her as a super hero.

Thomas Rhett posted a public thanks to Lauren in an Instagram video. “I never met Jesus in person, but what I witnessed these last few days was the patience of Jesus exhibited through a human being, and that being, being my wife. So, I just wanted to hop on here and just give a huge shout-out to my wife because she is an angel…You are incredible.” 

Thomas and Lauren started their family when they adopted Willa Gray from an orphanage in Uganda. That was back in 2018. As they finalized their new daughter coming to live with them, Lauren became pregnant. She gave birth to Ada in August, 2017. Then came Lennon in February, 2020. Lillie was born Nov. 15 of last year,

Thomas Rhett has said he’d love for the family to add a boy. Right now, he’s outnumbered by the girls in his family, 5-1. And adoption is back on the table. Lauren’s mother was adopted, so she’d like to continue adoption beyond her first child.

Earlier this year, Rhett told People “Adoption is a hundred percent on our brains. In the next four to five years, we would love to do that. And Willa Gray talks about it all the time. It’s been put on our hearts very heavily to do that again. We just don’t really know when.”