Thomas Rhett Looks Back on When He First Got Married Ahead of 10th Anniversary

by Alex Falls
Terry Wyatt / Stringer / Getty

Country music singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett is approaching a major milestone in his life. He’s written many hit songs for himself and other artists like Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line. But his marriage with Lauren Akins continues to be a driving force for him. And on October 12, they’ll be celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Earlier this year, Rhett dropped his latest album, Where We Started. Many of the tracks on the album were inspired by his loving marriage. He recently spoke with Country Now to talk about how far he’s come in his career, but his marriage remains just as strong.

“With the whole outlook of Where We Started. For me, I kinda look back to when I first started in this career, when I first got married, and just lookin’ at Lauren and being like, dang.” Rhett said. “10 years ago, you and I were riding in a Sprinter van with eight other dudes in my band, and we were doing 300 shows a year.”

The love story behind Rhett’s marriage is ripe with stories perfect for great songwriting. Stories both inspirational and filled with obstacles like every marriage. The couple first met when they were in kindergarten. As Rhett sings the heartfelt track “Life Changes,” he’s been “waiting on her since the second grade.” They started dating officially in 2011, and it only took Rhett six months to pop the question. They wed in 2012 at 22 years old.

Thomas Rhett Remembers What’s Important

Earlier in his career, Rhett said he was told by his team that getting married would be a bad career move. However, he followed his heart and never looked back. Now all of these years later, he wishes he could give some advice to his younger self.

“Looking at our life now with four children and, by the grace of God, had a little bit of success in this business, and it’s kinda wild to look back and ask yourself, if I could tell my 21-year-old self, this is where you’re going to be, this is crazy,” Rhett said.

Since the release of Where We Started, Rhett has been hard at work playing for his fans on his Bring the Bar to You Tour. The American leg will wrap up on October 15. But his break won’t last long. He’ll be on the road again in February for the Canadian leg.

“It’s been an absolute blast being back out on the road this summer and we are so excited to take the tour to Canada next year,” Rhett said. “It feels like forever since we were last able to play for those fans. They always bring an insane amount of energy and we cannot wait to get up there and see them again.”