Thomas Rhett Overcomes Being ‘Freaked Out’ by Horses for Most of His Life: VIDEO

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Country singer Thomas Rhett recently shared a special moment on Instagram. The star overcame his fear of horses after years of being afraid of them.

Rhett took to his Instagram page to open up about a fear he has had for most of his life — horses. He states that while he is unsure why, they have always “freaked him out.” He explains more in the caption of his post.

“I have been pretty freaked out by horses most of my life. Not really sure why. Maybe because they know I am a pretty high strung human being, and they can sense that haha. @laur_akins on the other hand grew up around them and now so have our kids,” he shared. “3/4 of my babies ride 2 or 3 days a week and so does my wife. Therefore, i need to get more comfortable around them. Today was the closest I’ve really been to a horse in my adult years and it was incredible. I plan to be around them a lot more often (I don’t know the lingo, I realize I’m slouching and I know I need more of a grip on the reigns).”

The video shows Rhett walking alongside a horse. Fans took to the comments of the video to share their pride and love for the star, and what he did for his kids.

One fan commented: “Wonderful you are willing to explore things unfamiliar to enjoy with family! Great Dad!”

Another fan said: “Love the honesty and vulnerability in this post the most! It’s okay to admit we are human!”

Thomas Rhett and Breland Collab on New Song

Rhett is featured on a new song with singer/songwriter/producer Breland. Breland shared how the collaboration came together a few weeks ago.

The song, “Praise the Lord,” is on Breland’s album, “Cross Country.”

“You have to be ready so you don’t have to get ready,” he said to Taste of Country Nights’ Evan Paul. “‘Praise the Lord’ was in my Thomas Rhett folder before I ever met him. I didn’t know him at the time, and it took us months to finally get it to him, but when the opportunity arose, I was like, ‘I have the perfect song for us.’”

The star also spoke about what makes a hit, and said that the Rhett featured song may reach that level.

“I think it’s gotta chart in some capacity. I would say that one is a hit because it went Platinum,” Breland said. “‘Throw It Back’ went Gold, ‘Beers on Me’ (with Dierks Bentley and Hardy) went Gold and went No. 1. I would say those three are safely hits. ‘Praise the Lord’ could get to hit status. I think we’re almost Gold or could be Gold right now. I think it has to have some kind of certification or something has to happen for it to be called a ‘hit.'”