Thomas Rhett Previews New Song ‘Country Boy’s Prayer,’ And It’s a Straight Dagger to the Heart: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert

Thomas Rhett recently shared a video of himself singing a portion of a song that hit us all in the feels. The country music star posted the video with the caption, “This song was sent to me by a friend yesterday and I couldn’t stop singing it. It’s called ‘country boys prayer.'” We’re not sure if this one is going to be on a new album; he already had a recent album release in “Where We Started” on April 1 of this year. But, if he is working on something new, this would be the perfect addition.

“Every night I close my eyes and have a talk with God,” Rhett sings at the start of the video. “I thank Him for the day He made and everything I got / There’s a diamond on my best friend, and tires on my truck / There’s Legos on my floor so I don’t gotta ask for much.”

The second verse continues, “Give me coffee for the things that I can handle / And a cold one for the things that I can’t / Give me family, give me time, get to Heaven when I die / Til I get there I’ll keep prayin’, a country boy’s prayer.”

This is definitely a song about being thankful for the little things in life. It fits well with Thomas Rhett’s voice, even recorded on a phone with lackluster sound. It’s soulful, and full of heart; it would sound great as an acoustic bonus track on a new album.

Thomas Rhett Posts Clip of ‘Country Boy’s Prayer,’ Plus Talked Year of Reflection

Speaking with the Calgary Herald in April, Thomas Rhett talked about his album “Where We Started,” and on his year of reflection. According to Rhett–who’s performing at the “American Idol” finale on May 23–he never originally called the album “Where We Started”; it was going to be “Country Again, Side B,” but with the pandemic hitting and things going a bit topsy-turvy, Rhett decided to make some changes.

All the reflection over the past year, though, was about playing in front of live audiences again. Rhett was nervous that he’d forgotten how to have fun on stage, or write fun songs. With the state of the world now, he worried he’d lost the spark.

“This is a big reflection year for me,” he told the Herald. “I’ve been doing this for 10 years and just looking back at where I began means a lot to me.”

So, he made “Where We Started”; this year seems like the perfect time for an album like that, looking back at where we came from, how things have changed, and where we can go in the future. Thomas Rhett did his introspection, and realized that he never lost the spark after all.