Thomas Rhett Recalls Writing His First Song With His Dad at Just 6 Years Old

by Clayton Edwards

Today, country music fans know that Thomas Rhett is a force to be reckoned with on country radio. So far, his six studio albums have produced 17 chart-topping singles. The thing that makes those hits mean a little more is that Rhett co-penned several of them. Recently, the “Country Again” singer revealed that he has been writing songs since he was a little boy.

When you think about it, this fact isn’t surprising. Thomas Rhett’s dad is 90s country star and hit writing machine Rhett Akins. As a songwriter, Akins has scored 31 number-one singles. He co-penned songs that artists like Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, Blake Shelton, and Dustin Lynch took to the top of the charts. Additionally, Akins co-penned songs for his son like “It Goes Down Like This”, “Get Me Some of That”, and “Star of the Show”. It’s almost like making hit songs is in TR’s blood.

In a statement shared by his label, Thomas Rhett recalled the first song he ever co-wrote with his dad. He was only six years old at the time.

Thomas Rhett Looks Back on His First Song

“We wrote a song when I was six years old called ‘A Piece of Wood’ and it was about building a guitar,” Thomas Rhett recalled. If you got excited when reading that, you should probably dial it back. Chances are, we’ll never hear that tune. Rhett said, “That song has never been recorded. It probably never will.” However, Thomas said that his dad still has the work tape of them singing it together in their kitchen.

While thinking back to the first song he wrote with his father, Thomas Rhett remembered when he realized that songwriting could be a job. “I remember being in college and my dad was just getting out of being an artist and just transitioning into doing the songwriting thing, and I always thought it was so intriguing,” he said. The fact that someone could make a living writing songs really blew him away. He was so hooked on the idea that he wanted to get in on it.

Rhett on Writing With His Dad

“When I was in college, I used to go tag along with my dad during co-writes and I think it would’ve been normal to have written some songs with dad early on but then maybe not write with him a lot.” However, that wasn’t the case. “Somehow, someway, he is one of my favorite co-writers,” Thomas Rhett said of his father.

“His perspective on the music industry, the history that he’s had in the business – not only is he a great friend and co-writer, but just a great advice giver, and he can actually speak from personal experience… It’s been really special, it’s just amazing that we still can do that together and also have success with it. It’s a big blessing to be able to have that relationship with my dad.”