Thomas Rhett Reveals How He Bonded With Katy Perry While Working on ‘Where We Started’

by Blake Ells
(Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry released a brand new music video for their unlikely collaboration “Where We Were” earlier this week. The collaboration spawned from the duo performing together on last year’s American Idol. The “Slow Down Summer” singer joined Audacy’s Rob + Holly show to talk more about how the relationship happened. The two bonded over their children. And, of course, Thomas Rhett has plenty. Katy Perry shares a two-year-old with her fiance Orlando Bloom.

“We literally talked about our kids the entire time,” he said. “How we’re raising ’em and what we’re feeding ’em. I think that’s what you do as a parent these days, you’re just like, ‘Oh let me show you this one picture on my phone of my kid that you’re never met!'”

“I feel like when you’re a parent and you talk to another parent it ends up being the majority of the conversation that you have because that’s just what your life is consumed in,” Thomas Rhett continued. “So to be able to talk dad-ing and mom-ing with someone like Katy was kind of hilarious, but awesome at the same time.”

The duet is also the title of Thomas Rhett’s most recent album, his sixth. While the album was released in April, the music video didn’t arrive until Tuesday.

“Working with Katy has been a really collaborative process,” he said in a release. “From tracking the song in the studio to performing it on American Idol to this video. Her input has made the whole experience really special for me.”

“I loved being able to create a dreamy world for ‘Where We Started,’ going back to the Nashville singer-songwriter roots of where I started,” Perry said.

Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry Team Up For ‘Where We Started’

The duo posted a video earlier this week talking about the new music video.

“We are on the set of the ‘Where We Started’ music video,” Thomas Rhett said. “She’s doing such a better job than I am. She’s teaching me a lot.”

“He is a natural,” Perry added. “He doesn’t have to try at all.”

The video focuses on the duo individually reflecting on the journeys that led them to where they are now. Check it out below.

Thomas Rhett is finally done with his exhaustive United States ‘Bring the Bar to You’ tour. He has a few months off through the holiday season before he’s back at it. In February, he’ll bring the bar to Canada.

He kicks off his Canadian dates in Vancouver at Rogers Arena on February 9. He’s in the Great White North throughout the month, and he’ll wrap in Ottawa on February 25. Then he heads to the United Kingdom and Ireland for a few dates. Check out all of his dates and get ticket information for each at his website.