Thomas Rhett Reveals the One Thanksgiving Dish He Can’t Stand

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

With Thanksgiving less than two days away, Thomas Rhett is opening up about what he will not be eating at this year’s holiday feast. 

While speaking with his record label Big Machine, Thomas Rhett admitted he has no desire to eat cranberry spread. “I think my least favorite Thanksgiving dish is like, the cranberry spread. I’ve never understood that, why that is a part of Thanksgiving tradition. I need to probably go back into the history books to understand why, but that is one item that I skip over every time.”

Despite not being interested in cranberry spread, there will be a lot more food on the table for Thomas Rhett at Thanksgiving this year. He will be celebrating with his family of six. Most recently, Rhett and his wife, Lauren Atkins, celebrated their 10th anniversary a month later than usual. The duo posed for a sweet photo while in Wyoming for their special anniversary. The couple shares four daughters. 

Thomas Rhett Talks Juggling Music Career & His Family Life 

Earlier this year, Thomas Rhett opened up about how he managed to juggle his music career while also spending time with his family. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve written so many songs,” Rhett stated during his interview with Official Charts. “On tour is where I write the majority of the time. At home, I’ve got four kids. The thought of telling my wife I want to write when I get home would just be a tragedy.”

Thomas Rhett then spoke about balancing his professional and personal life. “You should’ve seen my morning this morning. It’s absolute chaos. I think I’ve learned how to be productive in chaos.”

However, Thomas Rhett admitted that he struggles with avoiding to do things half-assed with his career and home life. “I’m nervous about the balance of being musician and dad. It’s all trial and error.”

Meanwhile, Thomas Rhett also discussed working with Katy Perry for the Where We Started duet. “I never thought this would happen,” he said about teaming up with the American Idol judge. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Jon Bellion; his artistry and his songwriting. I call him a melody scientist, because every line he writes sounds like a chorus. He came out to our farm a couple of years ago and we wrote the song Where We Started. Every single part of that song feels like a hook to me, especially that pre-chorus. It feels like something large is about to happen.”

Thomas Rhett then recalled his team reaching out to Perry about the song. “When we finished the track, somebody at the label thought it could be a feature and emailed Katy Perry’s team. Katy responded immediately and, the next thing I know, I’m FaceTiming Katy Perry in my kitchen and shooting a music video. I’ve been pinching myself the whole way.”