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Thomas Rhett Reveals His Stance on Real or Fake Christmas Trees

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Though the holidays typically bring people together, one controversial Christmas topic splits Outsiders every single year. Leading the charge into this year’s debate, country music‘s Thomas Rhett officially revealed his stand on real versus fake Christmas trees.

Taste of Country reports Thomas Rhett revealed his stance during an interview with his record label, Big Machine Records. Reflecting on family traditions, the “Bass Pro Hat” singer shared, “It’s kinda been a rule in our house since I got married to Lauren, but we do not do the fake tree scenario, as much as I have wanted to in the past.”

Still, Thomas Rhett admitted that he occasionally envies those that do put up fake Christmas trees each year. He explained, “It would be so easy to have one that’s already lit, you just throw one up and then put some lights on, but my wife loves the process of going to the lot, picking the perfect one.”

A few weeks before the interview, Thomas Rhett shared a photo of himself and family at a Christmas tree lot. He posted the sweet family photo on Instagram at the end of November. The photo, which sees the country singer, his wife Lauren, and his four daughters standing in front of a handful of massive trees, saw loads of love from fans.

“I absolutely love the reality that your family shares with us,” one of Thomas Rhett’s followers commented. “Thank you for making us smile.”

Another simply wrote, “Christmas card!”

Thomas Rhett’s Mom Gives Fans Insight Into the Star’s Childhood

Family traditions, not just Christmas ones, often find roots in our childhood. Ahead of the Christmas season, Thomas Rhett’s mom, Paige Lankford, appeared on a segment of a podcast called Got It From My Momma. The podcast is, coincidentally, hosted by another country music mama, singer Connor Smith’s mom Jennifer Vickery Smith.

Speaking with the rising star’s mom, Thomas Rhett’s mother shared a humorous story. She recalled one time athe now-dad-of-four pitched a full-on fit during a round of bowling. During the podcast, she recalled, “I remember bowling one time, he was probably in first grade, and he didn’t win because we didn’t really like to let him win.”

She said instead, she and the rest of Thomas Rhett’s family tried to teach lessons. She continued, “I remember…stepping over him because he was pitching such a fit on the floor.” Lankford concluded, “that’s how I handled that.”

Fortunately, this was one of those out-of-the-ordinary things. Instead, she revealed that Thomas Rhett, like most kids if we’re being honest, was relatively well-behaved. Lankford continued, “I guess we did go through those kind of normal phases. But…[for the most part] he was pretty well behaved.”