Thomas Rhett Shares Selfie Video With Katy Perry After Releasing ‘Where We Started’ Duet

by Suzanne Halliburton
Eric McCandless/ABC

Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry, the cutest pop/country music combo of them all, hyped their new music video this week for “Where We Started.”

The song pays a breezy homage to their early years, back to when no one really knew their names. Given how popular these two really are now, it seems unfathomable they were just a couple of anonymous singer/songwriters back in the day.

The two introduced the music video via Instagram this week. Rhett, in welcoming his followers to a behind-the-scenes moment, says “we are on set at the “Where We Started” music video. She’s doing such a better job than I am. She’s teaching me a lot.” He also described the video as “awesome.”

Perry jumps in: “He is a natural, he doesn’t have to try at all.”

Check out the Instagram collab between Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry. And check the other side when we give you a few more details about both the song and the video.

Earlier this year, Thomas Rhett had a confession about new friend, Katy Perry. He’d geeked out to her music since he was in the ninth grade. But he didn’t push to bring Perry on board for a duet. In fact, it was his record company who suggested  the song “would be cool with maybe a female feature.” The execs tossed out Perry’s name and Rhett said he laughed, thinking it was impossible that a pop princess would want to pair up and sing country. His people talked to hers. And she said yes.

The song is the title track to Rhett’s album, his sixth from the studio, which he released in April. The album peaked at No. 2 on the country album charts. Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry performed the song for the first time in public as part of the American Idol finale. Perry is one of the judges on the reality singing competition.

In the video, Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry don’t see each other until near the end. Each is singing in a room covered with gauzy curtains. Then they get up and start walking (and singing) towards each other.

“She really put a lot of time and effort into this vocal and it’s one of the best,” Thomas Rhett said of his Katy Perry collab in an interview with People.

“I mean, she’s an incredible singer, but this kind of reminded me of how amazing of a vocalist she is. I just felt like it really came to life.”

And now, check out the video from the musical couple we didn’t realize we needed.