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Thomas Rhett Showcases New Song ‘Angels’ From ‘Where We Started’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Thomas Rhett was in New York Wednesday night, singing of Angels as he entertained the studio audience for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Rhett is hitting the talk show circuit — morning and evening — to bring attention to his new album “Where We Started.” The album dropped, April 1. But Rhett already has released several singles from it, including “Angels.” That was his song choice with Colbert.


In Earlier NYC Appearance Thomas Rhett Talked Adoption with Today Host Hoda Kotb

Earlier. Rhett visited with Today show co-host Hoda Kotb for her podcast. The two had a deep conversation about adoption. Both have used the process to expand their families. Rhett’s oldest child is daughter 6 year-old Willa Gray. Rhett and his wife, Lauren, adopted Willa in 2017 from Uganda. They’ve since had three more daughters. Kotb has two adopted daughters.

Rhett’s kids are a huge part of him. He loves to post photos of Daddy-daughter moments on his social media accounts. He’s written songs for his girls and included them in his performances. And Willa Gray started it all.

“I think when you become a parent, you’re like, ‘Well, I’m a dad, I have all the answers,’ ” he told Kobt. “Or, ‘I’m a mom, I have all the answers. And adoption is one of the most beautiful things in the world. …. I don’t think at the beginning of it you go, ‘Oh, in six years I’m gonna have to start answering some really intense questions.’”

Willa Gray is the inquisitive sort. And she’s already asking her parents about where she came from.

“You go, ‘Well, what age is the right age?’ Rhett said. “Because the world is moving so fast that it’s like, to have a conversation with a 6-year-old. … I’m too old school to think that way, but I’m like, ‘Maybe we need to wait ’til she’s 10.

“She asks questions all the time, like, she talks to Lauren, like, ‘When can we go see my friends in Uganda?’ And then Ada James will be like, ‘Well, when can I go see our friends in Uganda?’ And Willa Gray will be like, ‘Well, they’re not your friends, they’re my friends.’ I love the innocence that they have. They haven’t been jaded by the world. They don’t see things like adults see things. [I think] ‘How can I keep this innocence alive for as long as possible?’”

Here Are Some Album Details

Now, for more information about the new Thomas Rhett album. Angel is one of three singles released from the country music star’s “Where We Started.”

He co-wrote “Angels,” which he performed on Colbert, with Josh Thompson, Julian Bunetta and Jaten Dimsdale.

Here’s a taste of the wonderful lyrics:

“You shoulda slammed the door, changed the lock and said, adios to my selfish heart, tore it apart and left me alone.
“Don’t know why you were patient and wasted good savin’ on me. Maybe angels don’t always have wings, I ain’t that type of guy that miracles wake up next to. For too long, I didn’t know what I had, but dang, these days I do. If I make it to heaven, it’ll be by a hair. But one look at you and I’m there.”