Thomas Rhett Teases New Music Video on the Way With Katy Perry

by Tia Bailey
(Photo via Getty Images / Eric McCandless / Contributor)

Country star Thomas Rhett has teased a long-awaited music video. The singer-songwriter collaborated on the song with pop star Katy Perry.

Rhett took to his Twitter account to tease the video. He shared a dark photo of the two stars standing next to each other, Rhett with his guitar, with the caption: “10.18.22 @katyperry.”

The music video is for their collaboration from earlier this year, the song “Where We Started.”

“Having Katy Perry featured on this was mind-blowing to me,” Rhett shared at a press conference at the time. “Alison Jones at the label sent it to her, and she was immediately like, ‘When do I put my vocal on it?’ I’m sitting there going, ‘Really?’ I’ve always been such a fan of hers. To have her on here really escalated the emotion of that track. It’s a song I think a lot of people are going to relate to and a lot of people are really going to enjoy.”

In April, Rhett shared that a music video for the track would be out “later this year,” and it seems like the 18th will be when fans finally get to see it.

Fans loved “Where We Started,” and from the reactions to Rhett’s post, it seems they are more than happy the two are dropping the video.

Thomas Rhett Overcomes Lifelong Fear of Horses

Rhett recently took to Instagram to share a personal tidbit of information. It turns out that the star has had a fear of horses for his whole life, but he’s working to change that.

He got deep in his caption on the post, which was a video of him walking one of the animals.

“I have been pretty freaked out by horses most of my life. Not really sure why. Maybe because they know I am a pretty high strung human being, and they can sense that haha. @laur_akins on the other hand grew up around them and now so have our kids,” he wrote. “3/4 of my babies ride 2 or 3 days a week and so does my wife. Therefore, i need to get more comfortable around them. Today was the closest I’ve really been to a horse in my adult years and it was incredible. I plan to be around them a lot more often (I don’t know the lingo, I realize I’m slouching and I know I need more of a grip on the reigns).”

Fans shared their support for Rhett in the comments.

“Love the honesty and vulnerability in this post the most! It’s okay to admit we are human!” one fan wrote.

Another person said: “This is awesome! Great job Dad….meeting your girls at what interests them, acknowledging that you don’t have it mastered by any means. Especially as they know you to be someone of great success in your career….at their level meaning, lots of people come to hear their Daddy sing. This will connect you with them in such a great way.”