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Throwback Video of Trisha Yearwood Accepting ‘Invitation of a Lifetime’ to the Grand Ole Opry Has Fans Holding Back Tears

by Clayton Edwards
Trisha Yearwood singing in 2017
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images,)

Joining the Grand Ole Opry is a dream for many country artists. Some start their careers hoping to one day get the long-awaited invitation to step into the circle. Recently, Trisha Yearwood took to social media to reflect on getting her invitation more than two decades ago. It was 1999, Yearwood was at the height of her crossover success, and things were only going to get better for her.

Yesterday, Trisha Yearwood posted a video commemorating her invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry. “24 years ago today, I received the invitation of a lifetime from Ricky Skaggs,” she wrote in the caption. Then, Yearwood tagged the Opry’s official account and said, “It is an honor to be in your circle.”

In the video, we see Ricky Skaggs and Trisha Yearwood standing on the Opry stage. “We would like to ask you a question, and make you a proposition,” Skaggs told Yearwood. “Well, we’re just kind of thinking, all the folks at Gaylord Entertainment and the folks here at the Grand Ole Opry, and the Grand Ole Opry staff and family would like to invite you to be our newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

It’s obvious that Trisha Yearwood is awash with emotions after getting the invitation of a lifetime. Finally, she’s able to reply, “It’s a yes, thank you,” as she holds back tears.

Before getting the invitation to join the Opry, Trisha Yearwood had an impressive resume. She already had 18 top-ten hits and five chart-topping singles. Additionally, she had taken home Top Female Vocalist at the ACM Awards twice. She also won the CMA Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in 1997 and 1998. Yearwood also had three Grammy Awards under her belt at the time. But, entering the Circle at the Opry is still a highlight of her career.

Trisha Yearwood’s Connection to the Grand Ole Opry

According to the Grand Ole Opry website Trisha Yearwood visited the Opry for the first time as a teenager. She convinced her family to travel from Georgia to Music City for vacation so she could see the show. “…after seeing her heroes on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, she knew there was nothing else she wanted to do.”

However, being a member of the Opry isn’t just a big deal for Trisha Yearwood. Her mother was a huge fan as well. “My mother came here on her senior class trip from South Georgia,” Yearwood said. “She wrote in her diary about seeing Hank Snow, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and all those people. When I was induced as a member of the Opry in 1999, she brought her diary and got Hank Snow to sign it. So, it’s not only about me, it’s also about my whole family.”

Porter Wagoner inducted Trisha Yearwood into the Grand Ole Opry on March 13, 1999.