Tim McGraw Celebrates 26 Years of Marriage to Faith Hill in Tear-Jerking Post

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum)

Grab some tissues, this one will be a tear-jerker. On Thursday (October 6th), country music icon Tim McGraw took to his Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute to his wife, Faith Hill, on their 26th anniversary. 

“Wow, 26 years!” Tim McGraw declared in the post, which features a video of the couple through the years while I Need You plays. “Happy anniversary to my girl!! I love you baby.” 

Tim McGraw first met Faith Hill in 1996 while on the Spontaneous Combustion Tour. The duo ended up falling for each other. After discovering that Hill was pregnant with their oldest daughter, she and McGraw became husband and wife. They now have three daughters.  

Nearly 10 years into their marriage, Tim McGraw revealed while on Larry King Live that he and Hill haven’t been away from each other for more than three consecutive days. “We’ve talked about that before we ever got married,” McGraw said at the time. “I mean, we never — every now and then, a couple of times a year, I guess, a crazy week comes up where it’s just really, really busy…”

When asked if the duo compete with each other in terms of their music careers, Hill shared, “I’m very competitive but in a very nice way. I mean, I’m not competitive enough to say, ‘Cut their legs off; I want to be the winner.’” 

Tim McGraw Thanked Country Music For Bringing His Wife Faith Hill To Him 

During a July 2022 episode of Superstar Power Hour With Audacy’s Katie Neal, Tim McGraw said he owes country music some gratitude for a number of reasons.  

“I always say that everything good in my life has come from country music,” Tim McGraw explained. “I wouldn’t have met my wife if it wasn’t for country music, and I wouldn’t have these three, beautiful, strong [daughters] that I have in my life without country music.”

Tim McGraw further explained he wouldn’t have the acting experiences he has without country music. “All the things I’ve gotten to do, gotten to travel the world, I probably wouldn’t be doing that had I pursued another career path.” 

Speaking about his dedication to country music, Tim McGraw went on to add, “I’ve always been a competitor and I’ve always been an athlete so when I jump in, I want to jump on wholeheartedly and give it everything I’ve got. Everything in my career has way exceeded my possible dreams that I could’ve had of what I wanted to do.” 

Tim McGraw then added that he is now working on a new album. The upcoming record will be McGraw’s sixteenth studio album. He already completed eight mixes.