Tim McGraw Celebrates Daughter Gracie’s 25th Birthday: ‘Keep Dreaming Them Big ‘Ol Dreams’

by Jonathan Howard

It’s a big day in the McGraw-Hill household. Tim McGraw wished his daughter Gracie a happy birthday as she turns 25 on Thursday. The country music singer has opened up more in recent months about his family life, his daughters, and how things are back at home. Now, with him and his wife Faith Hill being empty nesters, they probably cherish these moments a little more.

Over on Twitter, McGraw gave Gracie a shoutout for her cake day. He also shared a sweet message for the occasion. Check it out below.

“Happy 25th birthday to our oldest girl Gracie!” the singer and actor said. “So smart, so sweet, so, so talented … And such a crazy big heart! You inspire me everyday. Keep dreaming them big ol dreams my sweet girl.”

Gracie has been pursuing a career in acting. With her talented parents, stars of 1883, she should have some acting chops. On her Instagram page, she keeps followers updated with photos, videos covering songs, and more. Sometimes her dad will get on camera with her and sing a tune.

Over the years, McGraw has kept his family stuff pretty quiet. However, he isn’t afraid to talk about parenting when the topic comes up. And of course, he’s always proud to share their achievements and to raise them up when they need it. Like on their birthday.

As James Dutton on 1883, the actor portrayed a loving, protective, and thoughtful father at times. However, I think Tim McGraw‘s daughter Gracie has it a lot easier than Elsa Dutton. Over the course of the show, it was clear to McGraw that his character on the show reflected a lot of the values he has in real life.

What Tim McGraw’s Daughter Gracie and Elsa Dutton Have in Common

As I said before, Tim McGraw isn’t afraid to talk about his daughter Gracie, or his other daughters, Maggie and Audrey. The Dutton family dynamic is full of similarities. And, it isn’t just me that believes that, the man himself has said it on the record. He reflected in a special video after the episode Boring the Devil came out.

“Me being a dad of three daughters, and the way that Elsa and James’ relationship has developed, has been very much the same way that I’ve always tried to treat my daughters,” McGraw explained. “And it’s about empowering you and giving you the responsibility to take care of your own life and to do the things that you need to do to make yourself better.”

He went on to conclude with a little lesson that he’s learned.

“We taught our girls from the very beginning to be strong-willed, and sometimes that’s backfired on me.”

Surely Gracie has never given her dad a hard time…