Tim McGraw Explains How Alexandra Kay’s Viral ‘Don’t Take That Girl’ Video Led to Her Opening for Him on Tour

by TK Sanders

Country music icon Tim McGraw turned in his guitar for a few months to film hit television show 1883, but will soon hit the road for his first music tour in seven years. The “Live Like You Were Dying” singer recently sat down with USA Today to discuss the end of the onscreen, dusty pioneer trail and the beginning of the new, paved road ahead of him.

The national concert tour began Friday in Arkansas, and according to McGraw, he was ready to get back in the saddle.

“I’ve done this for almost 35 years now,” said McGraw, 54. “With the greatest band and crew in the world, it’s going to be like riding a bike. It’s just gonna feel like home.”

He did admit, though, that one aspect of the performance could prove a bit tricky at first.

“After having that script in my head and now I’m working on a new album as well, the toughest thing is probably going to be remembering the words when we get on stage,” McGraw laughed. “But I feel like it will come back quickly.”

Tim McGraw discovered his newest opening act for the tour on the internet

Luckily, McGraw won’t have to carry the entire tour by himself. One of his opening acts, Alexandra Kay, received her “big break” from Tim and the team after some online videos of her surfaced during the pandemic. McGraw said he jumped at the “rewarding” opportunity to bring the young talent on tour.

“It was pretty cool running across Alexandra and (TikTok star) Brandon Davis,” McGraw explained. “During  COVID-19, artists didn’t get a chance to get their music out. They were doing cool, innovative ways of getting music out there and getting themselves known.

“For me, it’s always cool when you take someone who has never been on a big tour before. You get to watch as they step out on stage in front of 30,000 people and feel that energy. Seeing their faces as they’re walking off the stage is so rewarding to me. I remember that feeling when I was a young artist.”

Of course, McGraw’s biggest fan (and legendary country music artist in her own right) Faith Hill will also hit the road with her husband. But then again, she might just take the time to enjoy the empty house, McGraw laughed.

“She’ll be hanging out on tour, for sure,” he said. “We spend, gosh, 98 percent of our time together. We’re homebodies and we’re empty nesters with our three daughters. We were joking the other night as we were hanging out watching TV that it kinda feels like we’re kids with the parents gone now. So she’ll probably enjoy a little break from me.”