Tim McGraw Falls Off Stage During Concert, Social Media Weighs In

by Samantha Whidden

Following Tim McGraw’s nasty fall off the stage during a performance at Boots in the Park in Arizona over the weekend, fans of the country music star weighed in on the unexpected incident. 

As previously reported, Tim McGraw was walking down the catwalk during the performance and got down on one knee. He then showcased his guitarist in the middle of a solo. But, as he attempted to get back up, the country singer and songwriter fell backward off the stage. 

@whodis88 Helluva concert good ol @timmcgraw put on last nt. Glad he was ok and was up meeting the crowd. #timmcgraw #dadsoftiktok #navajonation #navajotiktok #bootsinthepark #tempeaz #arizona #countrymusic #foryou #xyz123 ♬ I Like It, I Love It – Tim McGraw

Despite the nasty fall, Tim McGraw quickly recovered. He then greeted a few nearby fans as he continued with his performance. 

Fans took to TikTok where the video was posted to share their thoughts about what happened. “He thinks he’s still young, happens to me all the time,” one fan declared. Another fan then declared, “But he’s still gorgeous. We were right there when he got back up.” 

Other fans were worried about his condition while on stage. “OMG he is my favorite singer,” a fellow fan stated. “I’ve been to soo many concerts and I’ve never seen him like that.” 

Another admirer went on to add, “I was seriously worried he hurt himself.” 

Tim McGraw Previously Opened Up About His Time On The Road 

While speaking to USA Today earlier this spring, Tim McGraw spoke about how his time on the road and going on his first solo tour in seven years. 

“I’ve done this for almost 35 years now,” Tim McGraw stated about touring. “With the greatest band and crew in the world, it’s going to be like riding a bike. It’s just gonna feel like home.” 

When asked what it’s like to go from filming 1883 to touring, Tim McGraw shared, “After having that script in my head and now I’m working on a new album as well, the toughest thing is probably going to be remembering the words when we get on stage. But I feel like it will come back quickly.”

When asked about his James Dutton beard, Tim McGraw revealed that it had to go. “When I wrapped filming my finale scene, at 4:00 on a Saturday morning, the first thing I did was go to the trailer and shave. I was so tired of that beard. As soon as I shaved and looked in the mirror, James was gone.” 

Meanwhile, Tim McGraw revealed if his wife and fellow country singing icon, Faith Hill, will be with him at any tour stops. “She’ll be hanging out on tour, for sure,” McGraw confirmed. “We spend, gosh, 98% of our time together. We’re homebodies and we’re empty nesters with our three daughters. We were joking the other day as we were hanging out watching TV that it kinda feels like we’re kids with the parents gone now.” 

Tim McGraw then added that Hill will probably enjoy a little break from him.