Tim McGraw Reacts to Saturday’s Biggest Sports Events, And He’s Got Mixed Feelings

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Michael Hickey / Contributor

If you see Tim McGraw smiling ear-to-ear, just know it might not have anything to do with country music. Instead, the country icon was beaming because it was a significant night for both NCAA football and MLB baseball on Saturday, Nov. 5.

“What a great night of ball and competition! Geaux @LSUfootball,” the Louisiana native wrote. He then added, “Hats off to the @astros! Also happy for Dusty Baker….ol teammate of my Uncle Hank!”

McGraw’s tweet was in reference to the Tigers toppling the Crimson Tide yesterday, 32-31. The upset was a significant win for LSU fans, who later celebrated on the field, similar to how Vols fans stormed the field three weeks ago when they, too, took down the Tide— a historic upset Vols fans have waited over 15 years to see.

The second part of the country singer’s tweet referred to the Houston Astros clinching their win, 4-1, against the Philadelphia Phillies during the recent World Series. Although he’s proven to be a die-hard Philly fan, he couldn’t help but shout out to the Astros for their phenomenal performance.

Earlier this month, the country music icon was at Philly’s Citizens Bank Park for Game 3 of the World Series to show his support for the team. In an extraordinary moment for Phillies fans, the jumbotron gave McGraw the spotlight to show him off wearing his dad’s jersey. The Philly crowd undoubtedly went wild to have the star in attendance, celebrating his dad’s former team.

Tim McGraw proudly supports Phillies during recent World Series game

If you’re interested in the backstory here, Tug McGraw, McGraw’s late dad, was one of the best pitchers ever to play for the Phillies. In fact, he played a significant role in clinching the team’s first World Series title in 1980 after doing the same for the New York Mets in 1969. He later became a member of the Phillies Wall of Fame for his contributions as a player.

After he died in 2004, Tim McGraw threw the first pitch and left some of his dad’s ashes on the pitcher’s mound before Game 3 of the Phillies’ 2008 World Series. That night, the Phillies won the game 5-4 over the Tampa Bay Rays and would go on to win the series, the franchise’s second ever.

McGraw attending the recent Game 3 was indeed a full-circle moment and gave Philly good vibes heading into the World Series, despite losing to the Astros.

After McGraw attended one of the World Series Games for the Phillies on Tuesday night, he took to Twitter to express how happy he was that he got to go to the event with his loved ones.

“We had such a great time at the World Series game last night! Having Faith and all our girls there, along with my brothers and our niece was so special. We really missed having our sister Cari, niece Ceriah and our Uncle Hank with us,” he wrote.

He added: “If you’ve seen some of the pics…..we had a few tearful moments remembering the Tugger! Huge thank you to Major League Baseball and the Phillies for the hospitality!!!! Go Phillies!!!”