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Tim McGraw Recalls Driving His Daughter Gracie to Los Angeles

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Big Machine Records)
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Big Machine Records)

Following his daughter, Gracie, making her big move to Los Angeles, country music hitmaker Tim McGraw recalls driving his eldest to the Golden State. 

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During his recent appearance on Audacy’s Rob + Holly podcast earlier this week, McGraw admitted it was tough at first to let Gracie head to the west coast. “It’s always harder on mom than it is on dad, I think,” Tim stated. “But there were a lot of tears.” 

Tim McGraw also shared how he drove cross-country with Gracie. “I took all the sears of my Cadillac Escalade and loaded it up with all of her stuff,” he recalled. When I dropped her off, I just lost it. And then I had to drive home all by myself. I was crying the whole time.” 

McGraw then said that the experience gave him some inspiration for some new music as well. “I called [my guitar player Bob Minner] when I was driving back from dropping Gracie off and was just having sort of a heart-to-heart about dropping my daughter off,” he added.  

Tim McGraw Said Gracie is ‘Way More Talented’ Than Him 

In an April 2016 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tim McGraw gushed about his eldest daughter Gracie and even claimed that she was more talented than he is. 

“She doesn’t need any advice from me,” McGraw declared. “She’s so bubbly and she fills up a room when she walks in. She’s got so much talent and is such a great songwriter, we’re going to hear from her down the road, for sure.” 

Tim McGraw also gushed about all three of his and his wife Faith Hill’s daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey in 2019 during his appearance on TODAY. “We’re so proud of our daughters,” McGraw said. “Because the world that they grew up in, it can easily make the kids turn out differently.”

McGraw described his daughters as being grounded and humble. “They have such big hearts, and they work hard at the things that they want to accomplish – and we’re really proud of them. We couldn’t ask for better kids. They’re smarter than us in so many ways.”

Tim McGraw further revealed that his daughters are honest with him as well. While speaking about his previous weight loss journey, he said that Gracie told him he was looking big when she saw hi in a movie trailer. “And my face is the first thing that came on the screen, on a hundred-foot screen,” he explained. “[I] was pretty swollen at that time. And my daughter looked at me, says, ‘Geez, Dad, you need to do something.’ And that’s sort of a gut shot, right?”