Tim McGraw Roasts Darius Rucker’s College Football Predictions in New Video

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Tim McGraw is having a good time kidding Darius Rucker about his college football predictions, albeit nearly two months after he made them.

But it’s all in good fun. When Rucker made his playoff predictions way back on Labor Day weekend, everyone probably realized that this country singer was all about loving the South Carolina Gamecocks. That’s Rucker’s long-time college team of choice, although we’re not sure if he’d pick the Gamecocks over the Miami Dolphins as his all-time supreme football squad.

Rucker also clicked off his choices for the top college football playoff spots. We’ll get our first look at the CFP rankings on Tuesday. Back on Sept. 2, Rucker predicted “Alabama South Carolina, Ohio State. and going to put Michigan in there. No, not Michigan definitely not Michigan.” Finally, Rucker predicts Cincinnati, last year’s Cinderella team.

But Tim McGraw, on Friday, felt the need for a playful pushback.

“I mean Alabama, sure, can’t argue with you too much because I wanted LSU in there,” Tim McGraw shot back as the Rucker video played. “Darius, but that’s not going to happen … South Carolina’s not going, that’s your heart, not your head.”

Check out the playful video featuring two of country music’s biggest stars (and a pair of the genre’s greatest sports fans).

But hey, maybe Tim McGraw shouldn’t be so quick to mock Rucker for all that Gamecock love. South Carolina is 5-2 and fresh off its first-ever SEC victory over Texas A&M. The Gamecocks rank 25th in the polls. They are certainly a long shot at making the playoffs, but if you you peer far off into the college football horizon, there is a Gamecock glimmer. OK, call it a speck.

Meanwhile, let’s go to Louisiana native Tim McGraw and his LSU Tigers. They’re off this week as they prep for a huge home game against sixth-ranked Alabama. McGraw is pragmatic when he cheers Geaux Tigers each Saturday. LSU is 6-2 under new coach Brian Kelly. And the Tigers are tied with Bama in the SEC West, with each at 4-1 in league play. Each team lost to Tennessee, although the Crimson Tide fell by a field goal at Neyland Stadium. The Vols crushed LSU in Baton Rouge, 40-13.

Tim McGraw didn’t touch some of the other Rucker predictions. Rucker believes the Gamecocks will destroy Clemson, their biggest rival. But that game doesn’t happen until Nov. 26. Then there’s Rucker’s pick for the Heisman. It’s Gamecock quarterback Spencer Rattler, who transferred from Oklahoma after last season. Well, no sensible person would place a bet on Rattler for college football’s glamour award. The quarterback ranks only ninth among SEC quarterbacks in passing, so we don’t see a Heisman in his 2022 future.

But maybe Tim McGraw has thoughts he’ll share later. Have a great college football weekend.