Tim McGraw Shows Huge Appreciation to Military Members in Heartfelt Veterans Day Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Since its inception in 1919, November 11 has been a day to celebrate the sacrifices made by veterans. Americans everywhere marked the day with parades, days off from school, and gatherings to celebrate those who served. Over a century later, we’re still doing that. However, technology allows us to come together from thousands of miles away to celebrate our vets. As a result, country greats like Tim McGraw can send their love and appreciation to veterans across the country.

This morning, Tim McGraw took to TikTok to show his love for our veterans. Check it out below.

@timmcgraw There aren’t words to thank our #veterans enough for their service. Let’s show gratitude however we can this #VeteransDay. #thankavet ♬ original sound – Tim McGraw

“I just wanted to give a big Veterans Day shout-out to all our veterans out there,” Tim McGraw said in the first seconds of the video. “I mean, you mean so much to us and you mean so much to your families and our families. What you do for us – sittin’ on that wall and protecting us – is beyond measure.”

In the video, you can tell that Tim McGraw is speaking from his heart. He’s standing in his kitchen and holding his phone as he records the heartfelt message. Then, he reveals why celebrating Veterans Day and sending out a message of appreciation is especially important to him.

Tim McGraw Comes from a Military Family

“I come from a very strong military background,” Tim McGraw said. Military service is embedded in the heritage of his family. Both of his grandfathers were veterans. One served in the Navy. The other served in the Army during World War II. McGraw’s uncle Johnny is an Army vet who served in Vietnam. His dad, Tug McGraw was a Marine reservist the whole time he was playing baseball.

The McGraw family’s military service doesn’t stop with Tim’s dad’s generation. His younger sister Tracey is an Army veteran who served in the first Gulf War. His nephew, John Dainty, is currently serving his country.

As Tim McGraw mentions his family members, we see photos of them in uniform. Most of them are very serious-looking military portraits until we get to the photo of Tug McGraw. He’s in uniform, kicked back in the stands of a stadium tossing a baseball in the air, and wearing a smile on his face.

We’re seeing these members of his family in uniform. However, Tim McGraw saw firsthand how their military service shaped them into the people that he knew and loved. That’s not a unique thing in this country. Most of us have veterans in our families or have friends who served. Take a minute to thank them today. Hell, it’s Friday, offer to buy them a drink or two. Or, say thanks with a good bottle of whiskey.