Tim McGraw Speaks Out About Being Featured on Rita Wilson’s New Duets Project

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Danny Matson/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Following the release of Rita Wilson’s duet project Now & Forever, Tim McGraw opens up about being featured on the album. 

While promoting the new project, Tim McGraw shared on Twitter, “Honored to be part of [Rita Wilson’s] new duet project!! All of the songs on this album are classics… You gotta give it a listen!”

In a statement to Billboard, Wilson stated that she wanted to honor where she came from with songs of the 1970s. “It was really about showing enormous appreciation for the songwriting of that period,”  she stated. “How these songs are still relevant even though they are 50 years old. The album is really a continuation of sharing who I am musically and what it is that I want t say.” 

In the album, Tim McGraw teams up with Wilson to perform a version of Bread’s hit track If. Others who participated in the album are Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Smokey Robinson, and Leslie Odom Jr. Wilson’s Now & Forever is out. 

Tim McGraw Talks to Rita Wilson About The Transition from Music to Acting

During an Instagram Live interview for the Academy Awards in June 2020, Rita Wilson celebrated Tim McGraw becoming a member of the organization. 

While speaking about McGraw, Wilson shared that Tim was more than a musician to her. “What I love Tim, is that you’re not only an incredible musician and incredible songwriter but a historian. That’s what I love. You have context for all of the work that you do, including the films you make and I know you’re very selective about what you do.”

Tim McGraw admitted going from the music stage to the acting world isn’t as easy as he makes it look. “It’s tough to go from one to the other in a lot of ways,” he explains. “Because it’s hard for a lot of people to buy into it sometimes. For me, when I first started in music and had some success, people wanted me to do films and I didn’t want to do it for a long time because I was scared – you know, playing music is all about being cool.” 

Tim McGraw then stated that the “transition” from acting to music and then back is always tough. “Because I was scared that I would sort of blow my cover as a musician if I tried to step into something,” he said. “And certainly, if I didn’t do well at it, it could be something that could hurt my music career, which is what my passion was at the time and still is.”

Tim McGraw Reflects on His Role in ‘Friday Night Lights’

The country music hitmaker used his hit role in Friday Night Lights as an example. “Then I read the script of Friday Night Lights—it had been sitting around for a while and I put off reading it, but then I read it and identified with that character so readily. It was instant to me that I could play that guy—I knew that guy; I knew that guy from where I grew up.”