Toby Keith Crashes Pop-up Concert at Hotel Bar, Performs for 30 Minutes

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Jason Kempin / Staff

Toby Keith recently shocked a handful of unsuspecting attendees when he surprised them with a performance during his visit to a boutique hotel in Norman, Oklahoma. According to reports, the legendary country icon crashed married country music pair Tim and Taylor Gore’s set on Nov. 18 at ONE bar inside the hotel.

Before the surprise concert, Keith had stopped by to listen to some music and was captivated by the pair’s performance. In fact, he was so enthralled that he decided to join them for a half hour.

“It was a lot of fun getting to play with Toby. He still sounds great. We were just hoping we’d know how to play every song he wanted to sing!” Taylor revealed. “When Toby started walking towards us, I thought he was just gonna tell us ‘good job’ or something of that nature and go back and sit down, but he then got up and started singing [George Strait’s] ‘Amarillo By Morning.'”

In addition to Strait’s classic “Amarillo By Morning,” Keith also sang with the husband and wife on several other songs, including the Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried,” Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On,” and Chuck Berry’s “Johnny Be Good.”

The unlikely trio also performed several of Keith’s tunes, such as, “I Love This Bar” and “Courtesy of The Red White & Blue,” and others.

Toby Keith crashes set in Oklahoma after receiving prestigious BMI award

After the impromptu performance, Tim And Taylor posted on social media to share their experience with the legend. On TikTok, they posted a clip of themselves performing “Courtesy of The Red White & Blue” with the country star, who recently received the distinguished BMI Icon award for his incredible contributions to the industry.

“When Toby Keith gets up during your gig to sing ‘Courtesy of The Red White & Blue.’ We had so much fun last weekend in Norman, OK. Thanks for singing with us @Toby Keith!!!” The caption reads with the video.

“Once everyone knew it was Toby, the entire bar had their cell phones out, and the hotel staff had to get security to stand in front of us and hold people back,” Taylor recalled of the unforgettable night. “It was pretty crazy.”

Keith’s unexpected visit was much more than him just crashing their set. For Tim And Taylor, they credit the 61-year-old for inspiring them to make music.

“Toby has been a huge influence on Tim and me over the years,” Taylor revealed. “I’d say Tim a little more, but between his songwriting, music videos, and signature sound, he’s one of the many reasons we both do what we do today.”

“We have a long history of rejection in the music industry, but we believe in what we do, and we will never quit chasing our dreams,” the pair said.