Toby Keith Inducts MLB Legend Roger Clemens Into Houston Sports Hall of Fame

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

A special moment took place in Houston. Toby Keith inducted his friend Roger Clemens into the Houston Sports Hall of Fame. Of course, Clemens is a Major League Baseball legend with countless accolades. The ceremony look like it was a lot of fun and the country music star was there for the whole thing.

Toby Keith and Roger Clemens Ditch Solo Cups for Blazers

Now, this must have been a special event. Toby Keith didn’t wear a hat and there wasn’t a red solo cup in sight. Also, Clemens had his hair nicely done with the frosted tips. He was also fitted with quite the jacket to go along with his trophy.

Check out the post below and see for yourself.

“Last night, Toby [Keith] was proud to induct his buddy [Roger Clemens] into the Houston Sports Hall of Fame,” the post caption says. Of course, Keith doesn’t do his own socials. He probably doesn’t know how to post on Instagram. “Congratulations to Roger and the rest of the inductees.”

While he missed out on the Baseball Hall of Fame induction, this is a big one. The former Houston Astros pitcher, and Houston high school grad, was honored with his induction into the city’s own sports hall of fame.

Toby Keith is such an interesting choice for this Roger Clemens induction and I love it. The baseball player was a major figure in the city. Not only did he graduate from Spring Woods High in the city, but he also played for San Jacinto College (North at the time). He led his team to 9 wins and 2 losses and was then drafted in the 12th round. He stayed out of the league, though. Instead, he played at Texas as a Longhorn and went on to win a College World Series.

Toby Keith Remembers Merle Haggard

Earlier this month, Toby Keith wasn’t hanging with Roger Clemens but was thinking of his late friend Merle Haggard. It was six years ago on April 7 that Hag left this world. Keith was close to the legendary singer-songwriter. He really isn’t one to say much online. However, his message said plenty.

In a post on Instagram, his caption said, “Raising one up for [Merle Haggard] today. Rest in peace.” The two artists had played shows together. They even recorded some things with one another throughout the years. From original songs to live recordings.

Of course, everyone always remembers when Keith came in and finished up a show for Merle when he couldn’t go on. It wasn’t long before the singer passed away. They were friends until the end and you can tell that Keith misses his friend in Hag.

I think I should go listen to She Ain’t Hooked on My No More.