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Toby Keith Reveals What He Will ‘Never’ Do Again With Willie Nelson

by Taylor Cunningham
Willie Nelson Toby Keith
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Shock Ink)

Because today is April 20, country music fans are remembering Toby Keith’s story about smoking the devil’s lettuce with Willie Nelson.

Well, most of you know what today is, and if you don’t, stay innocent. But we’ll just say it’s one of Willie’s favorite holidays. Willie’s an avid smoker, and he’s never been shy about admitting that, nor has he been shy about inviting his friends over for a toke. One such friend was Toby.

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Toby recounted his high sailing encounter with Willie 13 years ago during a chat with TrueCountryTV, and he admitted he’ll never light one up with the iconic singer ever again.

As Toby Keith explained, the entire situation went down in Vegas. Toby “had the night off,” and his friend Charles Barkley was in town throwing himself a birthday party at the Rum Jungle at midnight.

Willie Nelson was also in town performing at The Hacienda at 8 pm. So, Toby stopped by to watch before celebrating with Barkley. The Should’ve Been a Cowboy singer ended up getting on stage for a few duets with Willie. When he was done, Willie asked him to stick around after the show.

Toby Keith’s Encounter Inspired ‘Weed with Willie’

Toby met up with Willie in Willie’s tour bus later that night, and the two decided to burn one down together.

“Willie’s got that real chronic, medicinal stuff. I’ve never smoked much pot in my life, it’s not my high,” he said before admitting he’d rather sip on some whiskey.

“So, anyway, we set down, and he starts rolling one up, and it’s just me and him sittin’ there. So when in Rome, you know? We burn one,” he continued. “And I couldn’t even function.”

Toby Keith said that Willie Nelson’s stash was “the most hardcore weed,” he every smoked. And despite only taking “three or four” puffs, he was out of his mind.

“Unlike Bill Clinton I did inhale,” he joked. “I stood up and said, ‘Man it’s time for me to go.’ He was just looking at me, and I remember my ears were burning, my head’s throbbing. I was breathing different, and he was sitting there grinning at me. He knew he got me right.”

Toby ended up calling a car to take him back to his room and he was in bed by 11:30. He missed Charles Barkley’s party.

Toby joked that it was the first time in his adult life that he had a night off in Vegas, but he squandered the whole thing by getting insanely high.

“I woke up the next morning, and I said, ‘man, I’m never, ever smoking weed with Willie again.”

And yes, if you were wondering, Toby Keith’s 2003 song Weed with Willie was inspired by that night, you can listen to the hilarious lyrics on Toby’s YouTube page.