Toby Keith’s Team Issues Warning About ‘Falsified Updates’ on His Health

by Chris Haney

Two weeks ago, country music star Toby Keith announced that doctors have diagnosed him with stomach cancer. While he’s received a resounding amount of support from friends, family, and fans alike, others are trying to take advantage of his unfortunate health issues.

Since Keith revealed his cancer diagnosis, the “Red Solo Cup” singer has been the victim of imposter profiles on social media. People that have nothing better to do with their lives are starting fake accounts claiming they are Toby Keith. In some cases, the profiles are contacting fans and asking for money under the disguise of Keith. In other cases, the fake accounts are sharing incorrect updates on his health.

Word has now gotten back to Toby Keith and his team about the imposter accounts. His team reacted by sending out a warning to fans on Monday night. The country singer’s official social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook each posted the following message.

“We are aware of the many imposter profiles claiming to be Toby on social media. But it’s come to our attention that some of these accounts are now posting falsified updates regarding Toby’s health. We are working to get these removed,” Toby Keith’s Twitter account shared.

“Any updates will come directly from Toby’s verified social media pages,” the post added. “As a reminder, Toby will never personally contact you or request money and you should report any accounts claiming otherwise. – Team Toby”

Toby Keith Cancels All 2022 Tour Dates After Revealing Cancer Diagnosis

Earlier this month, Toby Keith shared that he has canceled any tour dates for the remainder of 2022. He’s taking this time to focus on his health and spend time with his family as he recovers. In fact, he’s received treatment and known about his stomach cancer since the fall of 2021. But he’s just now speaking out about it and has finally made the decision to forego any concerts for the rest of this year.

“Last fall I was diagnosed with stomach cancer,” Toby Keith said on social media on June 12. “I’ve spent the last 6 months receiving chemo, radiation, and surgery. So far, so good. I need time to breathe, recover, and relax.”

“I am looking forward to spending this time with my family. But I will see the fans sooner than later. I can’t wait. – T,” he concluded his post.

Previous to announcing his cancer diagnosis, Keith had more than a dozen concerts scheduled on his website. Each show date has now been removed altogether from the his tour web page. The 60-year-old was touring in support of his new album that released in October, Peso In My Pocket.

Keith had Illinois and Michigan on his schedule for June 17 and 18 before going public with his diagnosis. Plus, he had just announced a scheduled performance at Coachella Crossroads for this November. Instead, Toby Keith will shift his focus as he battles cancer, but he remains optimistic that he’ll beat the disease.