Town Mountain Talks About the Weather in Their New Single ‘Seasons Don’t Change’

by Clayton Edwards

We got a whole stack of great new albums this morning. However, new music Friday isn’t just about albums. We also saw some top-notch singles hit streaming services today. Among those is the latest song from Town Mountain’s upcoming album Lines in the Levee. Check out “Seasons Don’t Change” below.

Town Mountain Talks About the Weather

In “Seasons Don’t Change,” Town Mountain takes a long, hard look at the effects of climate change. It’s hard to deny that extreme weather and other natural disasters are on the rise. The song’s lyrics comment on that as well as the higher temperatures we’ve seen across the board. Maybe the best example of that are the lines “January, February, March we’d dream / Of the hot summer sun and a Georgia peach tree / Now I’m wearing short pants on Valentine’s Day.” It’s simple but it illustrates the point perfectly.

Town Mountain’s banjo player, Jesse Langlais wrote the song and discussed it in a statement. “Change is constant, change is inevitable, change is here and now,” Langlais said.  “It’s not hard to see that the human race is playing a massive role in climate change. All you have to do is read the paper, watch the news or just step outside. Floods, fires, melting roads, rising sea levels, drought, and the question that looms over us every day, what’s next?”

Langlais said that when his daughter heard the song, she argued that seasons do change. “For now they still do,” he said about this. “Although, they certainly bleed together. I can’t really tell when summer starts and spring ends. I hope, for her and the following generations, that we can somehow manage the trouble that’s coming their way.”

Lines in the Levee Is a Special Album

Lines in the Levee will mark a pretty big change for Town Mountain. They’re adding a drummer to the mix. More specifically, they’re welcoming Miles Miller to the fold. In the past, Miller played drums for Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers.

About adding Miller to the mix, guitarist Robert Greer said that they’ve been friends for years, and having him in the band felt natural. More importantly, Miller “truly understands how to bring drums into a string band setting, something not a lot of people can do.”

Lines in the Levee drops October 7th through New West Records. If you want to make sure you get your hands on a physical copy of the album, you can pre-order yours today. It will be available on CD and standard vinyl everywhere you buy records. Additionally, there will be several limited-run pressings available from a variety of retailers. Notably, New West will have exclusive translucent yellow vinyls. You can reserve one of those on the label’s website.