Trace Adkins Jokingly Fires Back at Blake Shelton Before ‘Monarch’ Hits the Air

by Suzanne Halliburton

Y’all enjoying all this banter between country music superstars Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins in the hours before the Monarch premiere?

They’re certainly having fun with each other as Shelton gears up for The Voice while Trace Adkins is promoting Monarch.

Blake Shelton tweeted for a second time this week about Adkins and Monarch. The second social media post was early Saturday afternoon. And like his earlier post, he shared four photos of the two of them through the years. He wrote: “Another reminder before Monarch premieres tomorrow that I actually DO know Trace Adkins… Although he’s probably going to be an even bigger asshole now with this success.”

And Trace Adkins couldn’t let that go. He’d already gigged Shelton on Fox News. So he expanded on those playful insults.

Adkins quoted tweeted Shelton, adding “There’s talk about you coming on the show to do a guest spot as my dumber, younger, uglier brother. Hollywood typecasting, bruh… But, you can’t be kissin’ on me like that. HR says it’s like super bad or whatever.”

Show of hands: who thinks it would be perfect casting for Monarch to add Shelton as a recurring character? After all, the show is about a family dynasty of country singers. Adkins plays Albie Roman, an aging country star in need of another hit. Shelton can be another member of the Roman clan, And both men kind of look related. After all, they’re both tall.

Monarch-fans-to-be approved of Adkins’ casting suggestion, although we’re assuming he’s kidding.

“LOL. This content makes my day! But….Trace using ‘bruh?’ Im skeptical!” replied one fan. Another replied: “Come on, Trace! Let him on.”

Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins play a married couple and the first family of country music on Monarch. (FOX via Getty Images)

Here’s what we know about Monarch, the new Fox drama about the Romans, the first family of country music. Fox probably is hoping country music makes as good of a drama as hip hop and Empire. The series initially was set for premiere this past January. But if you recall, the Omicron variant of COVID was running rampant and shutting down some TV shows. Fox didn’t want to take a chance of having a promising new series curtailed by a virus.

Trace Adkins plays Albie, with Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon portraying his wife, Dottie, who also is a country superstar. But Dottie has some health issues and she’s worried about her legacy. So enter her family. Roman and Dottie have three children, but Dottie hasn’t allowed them into her spotlight.

There are flash-forward segments that appear at the beginning and end of each segment, which indicate the family is keeping a significant secret. That’s where the drama comes in, And because it’s a show about the country music industry, there will be singing.

Maybe Trace Adkins lures Shelton. But we do know that Monarch already has cameos planned for Shania Twain, Tanya Tucker, Martina McBride and Little Big Town.

Monarch premieres Sunday at 7 p.m. on Fox.