Trace Adkins’ New Show ‘Monarch’ Officially Premiering in Fall 2022 After Delays

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

This fall, Fox is bringing Trace Adkins‘ new show Monarch to your television screens. It’s going to star the country music singer. Fans might remember that this show was supposed to come out in January 2022. However, there were delays and things had to be pushed back. Thankfully, it wasn’t given up on and will premiere in the fall of 2022.

COVID-19 concerns might have stopped the Adkins show, co-starring Susan Sarandon, temporarily. However, it seems that was all it was. The CEO of Fox Entertainment made an announcement on Monday that had Monarch included on a list of shows coming to the network for the fall season.

In that announcement, CEO Charlie Collier said the show is going to be about “three generations of a country music family juggling life’s rawest emotions – love and lust, hate and heartache, living in the shadow of your parents and coming-of-age.” The show plans to deliver a lot from that description.

Check out the video below.

The series is set to follow the husband and wife country music duo, Albie Roman (Adkins), and Dottie Cantrell Roman (Sarandon). While the drama is going to be there, it seems like there will be some genuinely interesting stories along the way.

So, we’ve seen Trace Adkins on a show before Monarch. He currently hosts the series Ultimate Cowboy Showdown. That’s a show where cowboys, men and women alike, compete in a variety of challenges. It’s already in Season 3 and has won over a sizeable audience.

While that’s his current thing going, Adkins has been in front of a camera before in The Lincoln Lawyer as well as the movie Moms’ Night Out. He’s voice acted on American Dad! as well as King of the Hill. So, he’s done a few things here and there.

Why Was Trace Adkins’ ‘Monarch’ Postponed?

During production, when Monarch was postponed, Trace Adkins and the crew could have made things work. Other productions had gone through certain lengths to make sure they could meet deadlines. However, it wasn’t exactly the most ideal situation for this show. At the time of the delay, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn explained why the decision would be best.

“What it really came down to was, when we took that step back we were looking at the idea that if we had one significant breakthrough – which judging by our colleagues’ shows on other platforms was fairly likely, unfortunately – we realized if we had that breakthrough it could have a ripple effect into our air pattern and schedule of the show,” he said. “It would potentially give the show a spotty air pattern, or put us in a position where we’d have to make creative compromises to really meet that schedule.”

Fans of Adkins, Sarandon, and the idea of this series, in general, will be happy. The show is going to make its debut this fall. Which, all things considered, is better late than never. So, is this something you are excited about, Outsiders?