Trace Adkins Remembers Moment He Almost Died After Being Shot Through His Heart & Lungs

by Tia Bailey

Country music singer and songwriter Trace Adkins is speaking out about a personal story in his life. The star reminisced on the time he almost died.

Adkins, who recently began starring in a new drama series, Monarch, sat down with PEOPLE for an interview. In the interview, he remembered when he was shot in the ’90s.

This happened a few years after he and his first wife, Julie Curtis, had divorced. According to PEOPLE, Curtis pointed a gun at Adkins after arguing about his drinking. He had to undergo emergency open-heart surgery after the bullet went through his heart and both of his lungs.

Adkins made it through, but also decided to not press charges. The star still sees a heart doctor for checkups.

“It wasn’t my time to go,” Adkins said. “It was painful, but it didn’t sear my memory. The physical pain — broken bones and surgeries and bullets and getting beat up and cut — has never really bothered me. I have a high tolerance for it. It’s the broken hearts that left the deepest scars.”

This happened shortly after Adkins had moved to Nashville for a fresh start.

Trace Adkins Talks About His ‘Monarch’ Character

As previously mentioned, Adkins is one of the stars of the new show, Monarch. The show follows “Dottie and Albie Roman lead a country music dynasty at the center of a multigenerational family drama. Daughter Nicky Roman does all she can to protect the dynasty’s reign in country music while ensuring her own stardom.”

Along with Adkins, the series stars Susan Sarandon, who potrays Dottie. Adkins plays Albie, a role not too far from himself (an iconic country star).

“Albie’s like a mixture of Waylon, Johnny Cash, and Little Willie sprinkled in there. Albie’s journey has been different from mine. He seems to deal with it a little better than I do,” Adkins said in a Twitter video.

The creator and co-producer of the series, Melissa London Hilfers, also spoke about Albie.

“Albie Roman is the king of country music. Very honest, tough, but also really kind and cares about his family,” she said.

‘Monarch’ Series Premiere Features Shocking Plot Twist

The following contains big spoilers for the first episode of Monarch. Do not continue if you have not watched it yet. SPOILER ALERT.

The series premiere of the show was packed full of drama. The most notable moment by far involved Dottie.

Dottie and Albie were made out to be the main characters — the matriarch and patriarch of the first country-music family. It is revealed in the premiere that Dottie has terminal cancer, and is dying. At the end of the premiere, Dottie commits suicide shortly after passing the “crown” to her daughter, Nicky.

“I just want to get it done on my own terms,” Dottie said of her soon death. “Now I want to die the way I live: With a smile on my face, and perfect hair.”