Trace Adkins Reveals Netflix Hit Series ‘Ozark’ Is His Favorite Show to Binge

by Amy Myers

When Trace Adkins isn’t on stage himself, he’s searching for his own source of entertainment on TV, and apparently, he has pretty good taste in shows.

Recently, Adkins revealed some interesting facts about his personal life. One of those tidbits happened to reveal his favorite show.

Here’s a hint: there’s an iconic scene with a woodchipper grinding up more than just tree bark.

“My favorite show to binge right now is Ozark,” Adkins proudly admitted to Us Weekly.

It’s not surprising that Adkins has fallen in love with the award-winning drama series. Lately, Outsiders everywhere have come to know the Byrde family and the danger that follows them as Marty tries to pay off a Mexican drug lord through illicit antics. It’s a whirlwind from start to finish and impossible to take your eyes off of.

It’s unclear exactly how far into the series the country legend is, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already cycled through each episode twice.

Trace Adkins’ New Show ‘Monarch’ to Appear This Fall

Ozark isn’t the only show on Trace Adkins’ mind lately. Fans of the country star have been patiently waiting for the premiere of his new series, Monarch, which will star Adkins as well as Susan Sarandon. Originally, the show was going to air in January 2022. However, according to the country star, there were delays, possibly related to COVID, that caused the team to postpone production.

Now, it appears that the much-anticipated show will appear on screens this fall.

Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn further explained why this was the best decision for the show.

“What it really came down to was, when we took that step back we were looking at the idea that if we had one significant breakthrough – which judging by our colleagues’ shows on other platforms was fairly likely, unfortunately – we realized if we had that breakthrough it could have a ripple effect into our air pattern and schedule of the show,” Thorn said. “It would potentially give the show a spotty air pattern, or put us in a position where we’d have to make creative compromises to really meet that schedule.”

CEO Charlie Collier promised that the series will center around “three generations of a country music family juggling life’s rawest emotions – love and lust, hate and heartache, living in the shadow of your parents and coming-of-age.”

Adkins Returns for Season 3 of ‘Ultimate Cowboy Showdown’

As if the arrival of Monarch wasn’t enough, Trace Adkins has yet another show on screens.

Adkins is back again for Season 3 of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown on INSP. The cowboy reality competition series will have wranglers demonstrating their skills on horseback.

On a Wyoming ranch, these gentlemen will go head to head for $50,000 worth of prized cattle.

Take a look at the sneak peek below.