Trace Adkins Says ‘Proudest Moment’ of His Career Was ‘Becoming a Member of the Grand Ole Opry’

by Lauren Boisvert

Trace Adkins revealed recently that the Grand Ole Opry has a special place in his heart. Clearly, Adkins has done a lot to be proud of in his career. For one, his classic song “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” hit 3x Platinum in April, not to mention cementing itself as a cultural anthem. But, Adkins says there’s one moment that really stands out as his proudest in a long career in country music.

In a conversation with Us Magazine recently, answering some quickfire trivia questions, Adkins revealed his proudest moment. “Other than becoming a father,” he admitted, “my proudest moment is becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. To me, it’s the most prestigious fraternity in country music.”

He made sure to shout out his five daughters there; can’t have them thinking the Grand Ole Opry is more important than family! But, isn’t that just it: the Opry is like a family, as well. It’s a country artist’s second family. It welcomes and supports those who put in the work, who really chase that dream. The Opry is something special, and joining that family should be a proud moment.

Adkins also shared other facts about himself, like that he loves Disney World. According to him, that’s where he’s seen his children’s and grandchildren’s “innocent joy,” and he loves Disney for giving him those moments. There’s one thing you can always say about Trace Adkins: he’s definitely a devoted family man.

Trace Adkins Shares Thoughts On Grand Ole Opry, Plus His FOX Show is Slated for Fall 2022

In his new series on FOX, “Monarch,” Trace Adkins takes on family yet again; this time, he’s playing Albie Roman, alongside Susan Sarandon as his wife, Dottie Contrell Roman. Together they’re known as the King and Queen of Country, but things are not so great in reality. Their name is a symbol of authenticity, but then it comes out that the way they built their dynasty is a lie. Their daughter Nicky Roman will do anything for the family, which now includes protecting their name. Alongside her brother Luke and sister Gigi, she’s destined for stardom as well, but now all that is in jeopardy.

After many delays in production, “Monarch” is finally slated for premiere in Fall 2022. The show was originally supposed to come out in January, but was delayed time after time. FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier made a statement about the future of the network’s series, and “Monarch” was listed among those airing. Collier also gave a synopsis of the show, stating that it follows “three generations of a country music family juggling life’s rawest emotions – love and lust, hate and heartache, living in the shadow of your parents and coming-of-age.”