Trace Adkins Speaks Out About How His Relationship With His Daughters Impacted His ‘Monarch’ Character

by Shelby Scott

After a long wait, Monarch finally premiered on FOX last week and it saw country music star Trace Adkins in the role of Albie Roman. Adkin’s character makes up part of a family of country music monarchs, starring alongside actress Susan Sarandon who plays Dottie Cantrell Roman. Within that fictional world, Trace Adkins’ character is father to two very different daughters: Nicky and Gigi Roman. And though we’ve seen plenty of drama onscreen already, the “Ladies Love Country Boys” singer shared that his role as a father in real life has actually enabled him to bond behind the scenes with his young costars and onscreen daughters.

“You’re in protection mode,” Trace Adkins said during an interview with Taste of Country, speaking about his role as both a real-life and fictional father. “I’ve often said with my girls, I’m working security and I’m working as a pack mule. I go to the mall with them and I carry the money and I carry all the stuff they buy, and I’m working double duty as working security.”

How Those Traits Translate Onscreen:

Given that fact, he said of his Monarch costars, “I kind of felt that way about these young ladies in this show, too. As I got to know them better, I felt very protective of them, so it served me, I think.”

Adkins relates to his character in another way though. Speaking about his role, he said, “[Albie’s] very much like me…I can look back over periods of my life where the train was perpetually off the track, and that’s Albie’s world…Sometimes it’s his fault, sometimes it’s not, but he has to deal with that stuff.”

In a similar fashion, one of Trace Adkins’ costars has also developed a special bond with him. Beth Ditto, who plays Gigi Roman, said she feels protective in her own way over her onscreen father.

“We are very much an odd couple,” Ditto explained. “Two people could not be more different, but at the same time, I feel like we really understood each other…I think people are really intimidated by [Trace Adkins], and I can tell you they were — especially the men on the show were so intimidated by him. And I was just like, ‘I don’t buy that s–t for a second.'”

Trace Adkins to His Younger Self: ‘It Took So Long to Grow Up’

Aside from his long career in country music, Trace Adkins clearly has solid footing in the world of acting. However, like all people, he’s also human and that means, despite all the success, there are some things he’d like to take back and reevaluate from his youth.

Giving us insight into what he would say to his younger self, Adkins shared, “I would have apologized profusely for all the stupid s—t that I’m going to do and the trouble that he’s going to get in and apologize that it took so long to grow up.”