Trace Adkins Speaks Out About Why He ‘Stayed Away’ From Politics With Susan Sarandon While Filming ‘Monarch’

by Samantha Whidden

Although he and Susan Sarandon got along super well while filming their new TV series Monarch, Trace Adkins stated that both he and his co-star created a strategy to avoid talking about politics on set. 

During his appearance on HBO’s Real Time on Friday (September 16th), Trace Adkin spoke to the show’s host Bill Maher about how he, a politically conservative person avoided discussing politics with Sarandon, who has a completely opposite political view. 

“There were no issues,” Trace Adkins explained, noting that he and Sarandon became fast friends. “We went to work, and we did our work, and we stayed away from everything else. A couple of times maybe a current event or something would happen that morning, and she’d be reading the news, and she’d say something to me about it. But it was very brief, and we just didn’t go there. We just stayed away from it. What’s the point?”

As he and Maher spoke about how the interactions between him and Sarandon should inspire country music, Trace Adkins noted, “Grievances junkies, though, they have to do that. They have to have something to whine about. I don’t get up in the morning looking for something to whine about.”

Trace Adkins recently admitted to Parade that he was originally terrified to work with Sarandon for Monarch. “But then I quickly realized after she left – after the first few weeks we’d been working together, she left to go do another project for a while – and somebody asked me, ‘I’m sure you feel a sense of relief now, not crossing swords with her every day.’ I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve found the opposite is true.’” 

Trace Adkins Shares Details About His New TV Series ‘Monarch’

While continuing to speak to Parade, Trace Adkins further gave an interesting description of what Monarch is about. “It is this make-believe life of the first family of country music. The character that I play and the character that Susan Sarandon plays are the matriarch and patriarch of this entertainment dynasty. And it’s just all the drama and intrigue, and everything that circulates around it. All these people are incredibly flawed, so it’s just never-ending drama.”

As he spoke about the scripts and storylines of Monarch, Trace Adkins said that his career was somewhat an inspiration. “They have asked me a few things here and there. I don’t know, it’s strange to be put in that position, but by and large they haven’t really had to lean on me for anything. I don’t know where they’re getting all their inside storylines but they’re not coming from me. But they do seem to be pretty real.” 

Adkins went on to add that there is comfort that comes with working with someone like Sarandon. “You go into the scene with her, and you know that it’s going to be good.”