Trace Adkins Speaks Out About Working With Anne Heche on One of Her Final Projects

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Before Anne Heche’s death earlier this month after a fiery car wreck, she was a prolific actress. She started her television and film career in 1991 with a recurring role in the TV show Another World. From there, Heche appeared in nearly 100 more projects. Several of those are still in post-production. In her last movie which premiered before her death, Heche worked with country music star Trace Adkins.

13 Minutes premiered in 2021. The survival/action movie saw four families fighting for survival as a tornado ripped through their small Midwestern town. The film garnered mixed reviews. However, Adkins remembers his time on the set fondly. More specifically, he looks back fondly at the time he spent working alongside Anne Heche.

Recently, Trace Adkins opened up about what it was like to work with Anne Heche while promoting his upcoming series Monarch on Fox News. The country-singer-turned-actor said that he “enjoyed every minute” of working with Heche.

Trace Adkins Remembers Working with Anne Heche

“My time with Anne was way too short,” Trace Adkins began. “I met her and got to work with her and got to spend a couple of weeks with her and just enjoyed every minute of it.”

Trace Adkins went on to talk about what made working with Anne Heche such a positive experience. “She was just so energetic. I mean, the energy that she brought into the room with her was just… it was infectious,” he recalled. “She brought everybody up a little bit when she would come on set.”

Adkins continued, saying, “It’s just tragic. I hate that I won’t get to work with her again.”

Anne Heche Left a Lasting Impression

Trace Adkins is far from the only one who remembers Anne Heche fondly. What Remains was one of the last films that Heche worked on before her death and is currently in post-production. About a week after the actress died, What Remains director Nathan Scoggins talked about working with her.

“Anne Heche gave me her very best and I’m forever grateful,” he said. Scoggins added, “She was professional, knowing her lines and her character of a haunted small-town sheriff deeply… She was proud of the work she was doing.” Scoggins went on to say that she had “no ego” about her work. She often told him, “I’m here to be used. Put me where you want me,” Scoggins recalled. “She was enthusiastic, always up for an adventure.”

However, Heche also had a lighter side. Scoggins said Heche, ”was playful, often laughing and joking with me and members of our crew between takes.”

This seems to match up perfectly with what Trace Adkins said about working with her. These two accounts paint the picture of an actress who was serious about her craft and had the ability to light up whatever room she found herself in.