Trace Adkins Thought He Killed His ‘Monarch’ Co-Star With a Kiss

by Clayton Edwards

Trace Adkins stars alongside Oscar winner Susan Sarandon in the country music drama Monarch. The series will finally premiere on Fox this weekend after a months-long delay. Recently, Adkins and other members of the cast have been sharing behind-the-scenes stories and other memories from their year-long production. For instance, the “You’re Gonna Miss This” singer once thought he killed Sarandon with a kiss.

Trace Adkins admitted that working on Monarch with Susan Sarandon was intimidating at first. After all, Adkins might be a big star in the world of country music, but acting is Sarandon’s world. The fact that he plays her husband in the show and the pair share a few kissing scenes probably didn’t make things easier in the early days of filming.

Then, there was the time that Trace Adkins was sure he had given Sarandon COVID on the set.

Trace Adkins Thought He Killed Susan Sarandon with a Kiss

According to CMT, everyone on the set of Monarch got tested for COVID three days a week. They did tests on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. One Tuesday morning, Adkins learned that he had the virus at the worst possible time.

“Tuesday morning, the first thing I did that morning, I was kissing Susan Sarandon,” Trace Adkins recalled. “I was kissing Susan Sarandon when they burst into the room and told me I had COVID. I was like ‘Oh my God, I’ve killed Susan Sarandon.’”

Adkins went on to say that he didn’t get too sick from the virus. Maybe he was too busy worrying about passing on the virus to his co-star to notice his symptoms, though. He said, “I got a little sick for a couple of days,” he recalled, “but oh my God, I feel so bad. I thought I’d killed Susan Sarandon.”

Luckily, Adkins didn’t have anything to worry about. It seems that he managed to avoid passing the disease along. “She’s had like eight vaccinations,” he said, “she didn’t even get sick.”

Adkins on Working with Sarandon

Initially, Trace Adkins was terrified to work with Susan Sarandon. It didn’t take long for him to relax, though. “When you work with somebody that is as confident and as accomplished and as professional as she is, you suddenly realize, ‘Oh my God, she’s going to carry the scene, all I have to do is swim in her wake and hang on and hope that if I can survive this scene it’ll probably be Ok.’ Then I exhaled,” Adkins recalled.

Trace Adkins went on to say, “She was very gracious and giving and kind to me and made me feel comfortable.”

We won’t have to wait much longer to see Adkins and Sarandon in action. Monarch premieres on Fox this Sunday, September 11th at 8/7c after the Vikings/Packers game.