Tracy Lawrence Helps Nashville Rescue Mission Staff Fry Over 1,000 Turkeys

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Somehow, Thanksgiving is already upon us. While plenty of Americans are preparing to travel and join their families for a warm meal together, others are just simply struggling to get by. In order to help give those struggling individuals a pleasant holiday, country music singer Tracy Lawrence partnered up with Nashville Rescue Mission staff for a charitable cause. Together, Lawrence and Nashville Rescue Mission helped fry and deliver more than 1,000 turkeys to numerous Nashville residents.

According to WMSV4, Lawrence attended the turkey fry for the 17th year in a row. He and the rescue organization headed to the Nashville Fairgrounds for the event, called the “Mission: Possible” Turkey Fry on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Reflecting on the charitable event, Lawrence said, “I love the city, its people and I think what we’re doing is very important.”

WKRN reports that the Mission: Possible Turkey Fry most prominently aims to benefit those impacted by homelessness. The event strives to raise awareness of and attract support for homeless populations in Middle Tennessee specifically. The “Time Marches On” singer spoke about the timing of the annual turkey fry as well.

He said, “This time of year I think everybody pays more attention to it as the temperatures do drop. But, homelessness lasts all year long.”

Tracy Lawrence and Nashville Rescue Mission Expected to Feed Nearly 10,000 People

As Tracy Lawrence said while attending the event, “Homelessness is very real and it’s a growing problem not only here, but across our country.” As such, the annual turkey fry is a crucial event for struggling Nashville residents.

In total, the latter news outlet states Lawrence and the rescue mission expected to feed about 9,600 people on Tuesday. In total, Mission: Possible has helped raise more than $2 million for homeless populations. Tracy Lawrence’s brother-in-law, Chris Johnson, also spoke about the importance of the event.

“This is one time where we can actually pause and give back,” he said. “You see the smile on people’s faces and that’s enjoyable.”

Nashville’s Mission: Possible Turkey Fry is, apparently, just as important to Chris Johnson as it is to Tracy Lawrence. Lawrence’s brother-in-law reportedly traveled from Texas to volunteer at the charitable event.

‘Mission: Possible’ Has Grown Exponentially Since Taking Off in 2005

Tuesday’s event proved a success no matter what as Lawrence was able to help feed struggling individuals a hearty Thanksgiving meal. However, it’s also proven a huge success in the long haul.

Reflecting on 17 years attending the annual event, Lawrence said that what initially began as a small group of people in a parking lot has grown to several thousand attendees in the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Speaking about this year’s event specifically, the country music star said Tuesday, “We’re actually doubling in size so we’re planning on cooking 1,200 turkeys today, [when] we’d usually do between 500 and 600.”

He added, “the mission is still going to get the supplements they need for the week.”