Trisha Yearwood Opens Up About Bone-Chilling Ghost Encounter at Alcatraz

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Larry Busacca/ACM2015/Getty Images for dcp)

Trisha Yearwood explored Alcatraz Island a few years ago, and she came out with one of the most bone-chilling ghost stories we’ve ever heard.

The How Do I Live singer recounted her terrifying tale while visiting the Come on Over podcast hosted by Jeff Mauro, and to top off the story, she brought photographic proof.

The ghostly encounter happened while Yearwood was on a girls’ trip. And the group decided to explore the historic San Francisco spot, which is a former high-security prison turned US national park.

As the lore goes, Alcatraz is one of the most haunted places in the country, and it jailed infamous criminals like George “Machine Gun” Kelly and Al Capone.

In the present day, people can tour the prison. When Trisha Yearwood decided to check it out, she wanted to make the visit even spookier. So, she opted for a night trip. Because Yearwood is s star, her guide offered to give her a view of Alcatraz that most never see.

“One of the tour guides was an older gentleman,” she shared. “And he came up to us and said, ‘Hey, I’ll take you on a tour of Alcatraz that nobody else ever gets to see.’”

Trisha Yearwood Owns ‘The Best Photograph of a Ghost, Ever’

That special offer led Trisha Yearwood and her friends to a staircase that offered a great photo op. So, everyone stopped and had the guide snap a group picture. And that’s where the story gets eerie.

Once everyone stepped off the stairs, Yearwood’s friend Mandy took some more snapshots of the staircase. And one of those images quickly caught their attention.

“There’s an image in this picture that we can’t explain,” Yearwood said.

In a video from the episode, the singer shows the group picture, which appears perfectly normal. Then she shows the snapshot Mandy captured of the empty space—but it’s not empty.

“I think we saw something. And, you know, you see for yourself,” she added.

The picture shows a very clear man standing under the small winding staircase. He is wearing what looks to be dark jeans and a white collared shirt with a large mark on the shoulder. And he has no facial features.

“You mean to tell me that that thing that I’m looking at was not there?” Mauro asked, shocked.

“What are the odds that I would have the best photograph of a ghost ever?” Yearwood laughed.

“I think that’s what we call it,” Mauro agreed. “The best photo of a ghost ever—owned by Miss Trisha Yearwood. Look at that.”