Trisha Yearwood Details Terrifying Encounter With Ghost at Alcatraz

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frederick Breedon/WireImage)

Country music superstar Trisha Yearwood visited Jeff Mauro recently on the Come On Over podcast where she told a frightening tale of her encounter with a spooky figure at one of our nation’s national parks, Alcatraz. An encounter the country music hitmaker says, for which she has photographic evidence!

Trisha Yearwood Gets Candid About Her Spooky Alcatraz Tour

As the podcast begins, Mauro addresses the She’s In Love With The Boy singer noting that Yearwood has told him her ghost story from Alcatraz is “100 percent true.”

“Trisha,” Mauro says. “I’m gonna let you take it away,” he says of Yearwood’s bone-chilling tale.

According to Trisha Yearwood’s recounting of events, she and some friends recently set out to tour Alcatraz Island which sits off the San Fransisco coast in California. This now abandoned set of buildings was once a maximum security prison that, at one point in time, housed some of the world’s most notorious criminals such as Al Capone.

There are multiple tour options available at this famous national park which sits about 1.25 miles off San Fransisco’s shore. One of these options includes a night tour. And, Trisha Yearwood recalls, she was later offered a special tour that took her group to exclusive areas on the tour.

“We chose to go on a night tour of Alcatraz,” Yearwood recalls in the podcast.

“One of the tour guides was an older gentleman,” she continues. “And he came up to us and said, ‘Hey, I’ll take you on a tour of Alcatraz that nobody else ever gets to see.’”

There’s Something Strange On The Staircase

Trisha Yearwood recalls how the group began posing for photos during the exclusive tour of the historical landmark. According to Yearwood, the guide urged the group to stand on a staircase, and he would snap a pic.

“He said, ‘You guys get on that staircase,” the country music star recalls.

“I’ll take a picture of you guys,’” she continues,, Yearwood says, the entire tour took a creepy turn.

“As we’re going down the steps, my friend Mandy she’s snapping pictures the whole time,” Yearwood recounts. Then, the star says, her friend turned around and “snaps a picture on her phone of the staircase that we were just on.”

This was the moment, the singer notes, that her friend captured a ghostly figure. Or, at least an image that the group cannot explain.

“There’s an image in this picture that we can’t explain,” Yearwood confesses.

“The first one is the girls on the staircase,” she continues. “And the second one is the next picture is what was taken after we stepped off that staircase. I think we saw something.”

The video of the interview shows the pic to which Yearwood is referring. And, there’s definitely something there! It almost looks like a mysterious figure standing near the spiral staircase…holding some kind of object.

“What are the odds that I would have the best photograph of a ghost ever taken,” Yearwood wonders.