Trisha Yearwood Tells Powerful Family Story in Honor of Memorial Day

by TK Sanders

Country music icon Trisha Yearwood shared a heartfelt post to Instagram today (Saturday) ahead of Memorial Day. The “She’s In Love With the Boy” singer and wife to country legend Garth Brooks revealed her family’s personal holiday traditions surrounding the somber day. She began with an explanation about flying the American flag at half-staff.

“We fly the American flag at half-staff on Memorial Day (just until noon, then briskly raise it high from noon to sunset) to commemorate and remember the Americans who laid down their lives in all wars foreign and domestic,” the post began.

She then pointed out that although all Americans have different personal stories, we all share the same history.

“We all share this history. We all have those relatives in common who died for our country. I don’t know your story, and I don’t know all of mine. I just remember as a child, at holiday family gatherings, my grandmother would shed tears for the twin brothers who fought in WW2, one Raymond, who we believe died in the Bataan death march, and the other, Robert, who was injured and became a POW for a time before finally being released to come home, a war hero, but never the same after what he’d experienced,” the post continued.

Many folks thanked Trisha Yearwood for her Memorial Day post in the comment section

Yearwood also said she’s flying her own flag at half-staff to honor the victims of the country’s latest mass shootings.

“It is not lost on me that our beloved American flag already flies at half-staff today because our nation is mourning the latest mass shooting in Uvalde, TX, on the heels of a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY. So for me, this Memorial Day is filled with love and appreciation for the brave men and women who lost their lives for our country, but I can’t separate those feelings from the unspeakable sadness and grief I feel for the men, women, and children who lost their lives in these senseless killings,” Yearwood wrote.

She wrapped up her post, set to the simple backdrop of an American flag, with two simple yet profound sentences.

“God bless America. And God help us.”

In the comment section, many other Instagram users echoed her sentiments, offering phrases of agreement and thanks.

“Well said,” mitch_rossell replied. “Couldn’t agree more,” ksauntry wrote. “This is where my heart is as well,” nicolespry commented.

User greysnan also wrote a poignant reply: “Thank you for using your platform to remind us that we must not quit fighting for gun control. We cannot let those babies lives be in vain. America is so broken. Call your senators. Vote for change. Fight the good fight.”

And user jodytal said she understood Yearwood’s focus on the military. “My father, too, was a POW and came back injured and had a shortened life. We honor all the soldiers who have fought. No more war. Enough. Let us live in peace.”