Tyler Childers Announces New Single ‘Angel Band’ After Cryptic Teasers

by Clayton Edwards

It’s official! After a few days of cryptic posts, Tyler Childers has finally announced new music. Earlier this morning, Childers took to social media to announce that he would release a new single and bring some more “big news” tomorrow morning.

As he did with the last couple of videos, Tyler Childers posted the announcement about his upcoming single and bigger announcement on both Instagram and Twitter. The post featured a video as well as some of the best news that Childers fans have heard in a long time. “Tune in at 8 AM EST/7 AM CST for the premiere of ‘Angel Band’ and some other big news.”

The video is a continuation of the other two teasers that Childers posted over the past few days. We see Tyler Childers and his band walking into a barn. The disheveled hillbilly character is following behind them. While Childers and the boys walk into the barn like it’s the most natural thing in the world, the protagonist isn’t so sure. He looks to the sky, then to the barn door, and shakes his head in what looks like a combination of disbelief and awe.

Tyler Childers Gives Us a Glimpse of ‘Angel Band’

In the video, we can hear a few seconds of Tyler Childers’ next single. The song has a slow, soulful, Southern gospel feel. Also, we hear Childers singing “Hallelujah, jubilee,” which is what many of his fans are saying as they watch this video.

Childers is doing a video premiere on YouTube. Go here, set a reminder, and tune in live tomorrow morning when the video goes up.

If you’ve gone down the Tyler Childers YouTube rabbit hole, you’ve probably heard this song a time or two before. Back in 2017, Childers did a three-night residency at Nashville’s Basement East. There are several videos of that performance on the site. In one of them, you can hear an early version of “Angel Band.”

Soon after Childers made the announcement this morning, someone found that performance and cut it out of the longer video. You can check it out below.

Obviously, the song is going to sound different. The video shows a two-man acoustic performance and we’re about to get a full-band version. Additionally, Tyler Childers’ sound has subtly changed since 2017. So, we’ll still be getting a brand new song tomorrow morning. The above video will just give you a taste of what’s to come.

A Wealth of Unreleased Gems

Those who have taken a trip into the Tyler Childers YouTube rabbit hole know that he has a huge collection of unreleased songs. He’s had “Angel Band” in his pocket for at least five years at this point. Then, there are songs like “Pray Over the Moonshine Still” or “Out on a Drunk” that are top-notch, but haven’t made it onto an album. Also, “Nose on the Grindstone” is a classic, but you’ll only find it on Childers’ OurVinyl EP. Hopefully, we’ll see the Kentucky troubadour dipping into his back catalog for the album that we’re all praying he’ll announce tomorrow.