Tyler Childers Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy With New Video Teaser

by Blake Ells

It’s been three years since we’ve seen a full collection of non-instrumental songs from Tyler Childers. 2019’s Country Squire was the Kentucky native’s major label debut after having years of independent success. While Tyler Childers’s own Hickman Holler Records put the album out, it was also licensed to RCA. He followed it up with A Long Violent History in 2020. That album was a collection of eight traditional bluegrass instrumentals that concluded with one titular, lyrical track. Is something new on the way?

On Friday morning, Tyler Childers shared a 15 second video clip via social media. He offered no explanation for the clip, and the clip features no music. Check it out below.

The video features a man walking through the woods and rubbing his face in the breaking sunlight. That’s it. That’s all we’ve got. But leaping to the conclusion that it means new music is on the way is reasonable. Tyler Childers made several festival appearances this year, and he often scrapped much of his existing catalog in favor of covers. At Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic, the “Feathered Indians” singer elected to perform versions of songs by Kenny Rogers, Grateful Dead, Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson and rising Kentucky singer S.G. Goodman.

He did debut a couple of never-before-heard tunes, too. Perhaps those will be included in this hypothetical new collection. But we don’t know when a single will come, and we certainly don’t know a release date for an album.

Fans Hopeful That Tyler Childers is Teasing New Music

Fans were cautiously optimistic when Tyler Childers posted the video.

“You have my attention…” replied one fan.

“Don’t do this to us if it doesn’t mean what we ALL possibly think it means, Tyler,” warned another.

“Bring it on Childers!!!!!” challenged another follower.

Fans have been curious what a new era in Tyler Childers career means. Country Squire was a much different sound than he’d proven in his independent days. And obviously, A Long Violent History was quite a deviation from what he usually does. But if Tyler Childers is proving anything in his still young career, it’s that he can call his own shots. His trajectory is not unlike his mentor and fellow Kentuckian Sturgill Simpson. Simpson has shown that he can easily weave in and out of both country and rock and roll. Can Tyler Childers go electric?

That remains to be seen. Meanwhile, he has a handful of dates left this year, but they are few and far between. He’s at Lawrence County Septemberfest in Louisa, Ky. on September 10. He’ll then headline Healing Appalachia in West Virginia on September 23 & 24. After that, it’s a pair of hard sellouts at Red Rocks on September 28 & 29. He’s in demand, and there isn’t much of him to go around in 2022. But you can check in on details for all of those dates at his website.